Imperial Royal Hats Last Week

The Imperial royals are the most frequent hat wearers these days. Here are the hats they wore last week.

On Monday, October 17, Princess Akiko wore a grey brimmed hat for a national convention.


On Tuesday, October 18, Crown Princess Kiko wore a streamlined black hat for a memorial service at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery while Princess Yoko wore an ivory hat with short brim for a visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

Princess Nobuko arrived in Fukui on Wednesday, October 19 in an ivory brimmed hat with navy hatband. Thanks, Prisma, for including a photo of the feather trim on the side of the hat!

For the National Summit on Agriculture on Thursday October 20, Princess Nobuko wore a vibrant green pillbox wrapped in net veil.


Also on October 20, Empress Masako repeated a hat covered in the palest blue silk jacquard to visit Empress Emerita Michiko on her birthday. Princess Akiko wore a textured white cloche hat trimmed with a fabric flower on the side for the World Tea Festival in Shizuoka.


On Saturday, October 22, Empress Masako wore a navy silk covered hat with upturned brim for a series of events in Okinawa Prefecture.


The same day, Princess Hisako repeated a pale ice blue bumper hat with side bow for an environmental convention in Tokyo.

On Sunday, October 23, Empress Masako attended a national Cultural Festival opening in an ivory short brimmed hat with double ochre hatband.

I love the fresh green of Princess Nobuko’s pillbox and Empress Masako’s ochre yellow ensemble above. Which hats here stand out most to you?

Images from social media as indicated  

3 thoughts on “Imperial Royal Hats Last Week

  1. I’m really liking the navy silk hat and ochre yellow and white brimmed hat on Masako; two different styles and colors, but both suit her very well. The ochre one does make me miss the lemon sunburst hat from when she first because Empress; while I know it’s very unlikely we’ll see that one again, one can always dream. I also like how Emperor Naruhito (and his father Akihito) have worn grey suits on multiple occasions rather than the usual black and navy (but get Naruhito a pocket square!).

  2. I too like Empress Masako’s navy hat and the design on Princess Akiko’s white cloche. I have often wondered if the Empress just changes the band the ivory short brimmed hat because she seems to wear that style of hat quite often.

  3. This is a nice group of Imperial hats today. My favorite is the ivory hat with navy trim worn by Princess Nobuko. A close runner-up is the ivory/ochre hat worn by Empress Masako, who is also wearing a beautiful suit. Although the vibrant green pillbox color is wonderful, I find the whole design messy and untidy on Princess Nobuko. Maybe it’s the netting.

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