This Week’s Extras

King Charles and Queen Camilla attended Sunday service today at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate. Camilla repeated a taupe felt beret with double pheasant feather trim.
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Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako and Princess Aiko visited the Emeritus couple at their Sento Imperial residence  for New Year greetings. Empress Masako repeated a bumper hat covered in blush floral jacquard silk  and Princes Aiko wore an ivory silk brimless hat with braid circling the crown and a petite floral spray on the side.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye recently (see the comments for more):

The Imperial royal women in gowns (but no tiaras this year) for New Year Receptions at the Imperial Palace on January 1.

Emperor Naruhito delivered a traditional New Year’s greeting  on the balcony of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on January 2, joined by the Imperial royal family.
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Happy New Year to you all!
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20 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. While I’d like to see Aiko in a younger style, I’ll admit that this bumper is very prettily finished with the braid trim and floral spray.

    The Abigail Holgate teardrop is a knockout! Those saturated colors and texture of the silk dupion are so festive. Wonderful botanical embroidery on the fedora — I can imagine this look for a tour.

    • Aiko’s hat was made by Ohko Hirata. It turns out the flower is her personal emblem, a Goyo azalea

  2. The blue saucer hat by Lai Hats is such a beautiful, saturated color. That unique twist with the feathers in the middle is such a fun variation. The blue, green turban by Philip Treacy is so mysterious. Happy New Year all my Royal Hat friends!

  3. This has been Camilla’s uniform during her last few outings, but having not seen this particular beret in a while, and her wearing a coat with a tie waist makes it feel different enough for it to feel fresh and a nice start to 2023.

    I do love Aiko’s hat; those details are exquisite and I love the little floral burst/spray on the side for something more interesting (and a la Takamados hehe). It was also great to see all of the family members on the balcony for the new year greetings, including multiple family members I wasn’t expecting to attend, like Princess Yuriko, Prince Masahito, and Princess Hanako (although it looks like Princess Yoko and Prince Hisahito weren’t there).

    Hatty New Year to HatQueen and all my fellow Royal Hats aficionados here!

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