January’s Extras

On  Friday, January 13, the funeral of Maximilian, Margrave of Baden saw numerous royal guests, mainly from German royal houses.

Row 1: Valerie Margravine of Baden, StephanieMargravine of Baden, Princess Caroline
Row 2: Princess Sibilla, Princess Ekaterina of Hanover, Princess Sarvath of Jordan, Princess Mahkameh zu Schaumburg-Lippe
Row 3: Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, Princess of Prussia, Countess Bettina Bernadotte & Philipp Haug
Row 4: Princess Katharina of Hohenzollern; Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Floria of Hesse, Sumaya bint al-Hassan

Zara and Mike Tindal attended the Magic Millions Raceday on Saturday, January 14. Zara wore a lovely mint straw beret percher with Swarovski crystal trimmed sinamay bow and quills by Australian milliner Meg Rafter. Her look was styled by Kimberly Gardner.

On Thursday January 19, Princess Hisako wore a new hat covered in ivory silk floral jacquard with jaunty upturned brim and an aqua hatband.

On Friday, Empress Masako repeated a pale greige hat with cafe au lait hatband for an annual Imperial Guard inspection

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Anne in warm fur hats Wednesday on a visit to Estonia and yesterday for a walk to church at Sandringham.
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Akiko attended a flower exhibition Friday in a grey hat with upfolded brim on one side. On Friday, Princess Hisako wore a jaunty purple felt hat with feather trim for a tableware festival.

On Saturday, Zara Tindall wore a bead embroidered peacock blue velvet headpiece by Jess Collett to Festival Trials Day at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Embed from Getty Images

The following new millinery designs caught my eye recently (see the comments for more):

There was a glittering royal wedding recently in Brunei.

There are been other noteworthy royal events and beautiful hats to admire- please share your highlights in the comments.


Images from social media as indicated 


13 thoughts on “January’s Extras

  1. Hat Queen, great Extras Post for January. I’m commenting on this last day of the month, and sitting by the warm fireplace while snow is falling. As sad as the song “When October Goes” is, I’ll be just as happy “when January goes.” Now to the hats:
    Maximilian funeral: Princess Caroline was the best hatted – appropriate, yet stylish and chic.
    Zara and Mike Tindall: I was surprised by their summery hat, but then remembered that it’s summer down under. Mike must be a lot of fun to hang out with.
    Princess Takamado: Featured twice in today’s post, she is today’s winner. Both ensembles are beautiful and traditional, timeless and chic, especially the purple hat.
    Empress Masako: Her “greige” hat (did you invent that color, HQ?) is wonderful, but perhaps too big?
    Princess Anne: I’m not a fan of either fur hat (not because of the use of fur, though). Both seem dated and utilitarian rather than fashionable, which is certainly understandable.
    New Millinery Designs: The embroidered hats by Alexandra Herrick of Reno, Nevada are unique and fun. Unfortunately, we don’t see too many American contributions here at Royal Hats very often since we are not a hat wearing country any more. Again, unfortunate. The retro/vintage hats are outstanding, especially the maroon hat by Maja S Milliner, and the two hats – black cloche(?) and white (pink?) hat by Fox’s Den Millinery.
    Clare Balding: Both ladies look sooooo Royal on Clare’s Investiture Day! Brava to them.

    SIDE COMMENT: I sense a more casual fashion approach sneaking in with the British Royal ladies as of late. Queen Camilla has gone to several engagements without a hat, or in one of her tried-and-true hats from the past. (Very few new hats for a new queen.) Anne went to a Royal funeral sans hat, and to church this past Sunday in trousers and an old fur hat. More bandeaus/headpieces are appearing. I’m NOT complaining, merely observing. Has anyone else noticed this also?

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