Waleses Visit Welsh Guards

The Prince and Princess of Wales attended the St. Davids Day Parade at the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards in Windsor today.

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Catherine, Princess of Wales, wore a black felt beret percher embellished with a stitched felt bow and  and crisscross trimmed feathers.

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It’s a stylish piece on a familiar scale for Kate that paired well with her bold red coat.. The feather trim gives the design a bit of pizzaz.

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Designer: It’s a bespoke version of the Bow & Arrow Percher by Juliette Botterill. Coat by Alexander McQueen.
Previously Worn: this hat is new

The Prince of Wales recently became Colonel of the Welsh Guards and predictably, wore the regiment’s uniform for this first visit since the appointment.

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Thought’s about Kate’s new hat?

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16 thoughts on “Waleses Visit Welsh Guards

  1. Not my favourite style of hat for the Princess of Wales but I agree the overall look is perfect for the occasion and beautifully put together. Love the gloves.

  2. I love the hat unreservedly! The arrow feathers elevate it I think. I almost wish she had gone with the original hat because the piercings on the bow would have tied in with her gloves 😀 But she looks smashing regardless. William looks great too! They always seem to enjoy themselves at these regimental visits.

    • Buffy, I’m with you all the way, especially the well spotted gloves you mentioned. You have a great eye for detail.
      It is really nice having a new post to enjoy. I was hoping Camilla would be hatting it up more with her new duties calling her, but alas it is not yet to be.

      • Charles and Camilla are going on state visit to France and Germany at the end of this month. I think we can safely assume there will be hats! And Cheltenham is coming up soon.

  3. I am not a great lover of red and black, except for uniforms and military occasions, when it is perfect! So good to see Catherine “princessing” again, with an updo and hat, brooch and gloves. I do like the hat and agree we will most likely see it again in November. The cut feathers are stopping me from loving it – my first reaction was they look like scissors. Second reaction agreed they do add to the liveliness of the design, but I’m still on the fence.

  4. This was a fantastic look for Kate! The hat, while a familiar style, is striking enough with its details (especially those feathers), and pairing an all-black hat with a colorful outfit is a nice change from a lot of the color matching/coordinating we’ve seen on the Princess in recent outings. It’s a hat I hope we see again, even if it is at a funeral, memorial service, or Remembrance Sunday.

  5. Simple and elegant. So glad that her hair was twisted up so neatly. Although it looks very complicated. And so nice to have a hat to comment on worn by a British Royal. Do so miss the late Queen’s millinery. But you are doing so well keeping up with all the European royals. Thank you for that.

  6. I love this hat, it looks so lively! I agree that it looks great with the red coat (which I also agree that it could be shorter). Question: what were the pins or brooches on the Princess of Wales’s lapel? A representation of leeks? (thinking leeks are a symbol of Wales?)

    • The leek is the traditional national “flower” of Wales – more recently replaced by the daffodil as being prettier! Diehards wear leeks rather than daffodils (which Kate wore the day before in Wales) on St David’s Day. More particularly, this stylised leek is the emblem of the Welsh Guards, so her brooch emulates their hat badge.

    • Carol, apparently the leek “flower” has long been closely connected with St. David’s Day and Wales. Enjoy the following slideshow.
      Embed from Getty Images

  7. I think it’s a stylish hat, and I LOVE her hair. It looks great with the red coat (which I wish was a bit shorter). I also love the earrings which compliment the whole look.

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