British State Visit to Germany Concludes in Hamburg

King Charles and Queen Camilla concluded their state visit to Germany today in Hamburg. Queen Camilla braved less than ideal weather in a new hat described by its maker as, “The optimum hat for country pursuits. The Estate hat, made of British tweed and faux fur, is an excellent choice for those searching for cosiness this winter.”

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Camilla has numerous similar hats with ruched tweed crowns; this design feels slightly more sophisticated thanks to its  smooth crown (albeit with a distracting seam) and charcoal colour, which pairs well with the deep blue dress and coat. I know this style is not the favourite of everyone here but on a cold, rainy day, you just can’t beat cozy.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: The Estate hat by Lock & Co. Coat and dress by Anna Valentine. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

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11 thoughts on “British State Visit to Germany Concludes in Hamburg

  1. I agree with the consensus that The Queen Consort could have worn a more elegant and stand out hat for the conclusion of the State visit to Germany.

  2. I’m sorry but I really dislike this hat style and certainly don’t think it’s suitable for a formal occasion as part of her first state visit as Queen Consort. She has enough good hats to sink a battleship. Surely someone could have found something better than this hat? Actually the whole outfit should have been left at home.

    Regarding the blue hat worn on the first day I liked it very much but the clashing (not in a good way) with the coat jarred. I liked both items but not together and certainly not with the heavy black boots.

  3. I’m glad she didn’t go with the original hat that was paired with this outfit as I wasn’t a big fan of it in the first place, and two berets on one state visit would’ve felt a bit much for my tastes. As for the hat she chose, it’s okay, but the crown lacks refinement (not helped by the obvious indent); if she had to go with this style, why not bring back the berry pink one from Christmas 2017? Or if she wanted to stick with a black hat, she could’ve gone with her black felt slice hat from Christmas 2015. I hate to be harsh, but this just doesn’t feel up to Camilla’s usual standards.

  4. Oh good, she’s bought another of these.
    For Cheltenham or church in the country; yes. For a state visit this whole look just feels to low key. And especially worn with the Albert. Camilla can really rock a formal look with a massive hat; this is not that look.

    • Exactly, JamesB! I appreciate the need for a cozy hat, but I can’t believe for a second that this is the best she can do with all the talented milliners out there.

    • JamesB, today being April Fools Day, I can’t tell if your comment “Oh good, she’s bought another of these” is sincerity or sarcasm. Haha, I agree with you and Mitten Mary. Why didn’t she wear her previous new hat with the coat?

      Christmas, 2022
      Embed from Getty Images

      • I think it may be possible that the hat was a substitute due to the weather. Maybe the original choice wouldn’t have stood up the the rain.

      • It was most definitely sarcasm! (I’m British, we do it without thinking!)
        The previous hat worn with this hat at Christmas would have been perfect for today, and would have stood up to the rain, as she had a brolly at all times…

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