This Week’s Extras

Princess Benedikte in a new brimless hat covered in feathers last Sunday at memorial service and wreath-laying in Spentrup to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Denmark’s WWII liberation
The Akishino princesses were in black hats today for the ttended the funeral of former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

Princess Charlene shared this sweet snap of Princess Gabriella in a velvet headband with bow, in a cuddle with her brother
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Lovely lavender felt beret with feathers by London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
The most exquisite halo bandeau of ecru cut feathers, pearls and beads by Irish milliner Michelle Kearns
Sassy burgundy stylised trilby with silk binding and back bow by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Pale yellow straw hat with windowpane brim and side trim by Australian milliner Catherine Kelly
Turquoise straw teardrop percher with veil and stunning feathers by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Bright pink felt fedora with dotted hatband by France-based Spanish milliner Sylvia Martinez
Deep blue button percher with peacock and pheasant feathers by UK brand SB Millinery
Statement yellow oversize dome with fringed seams by Australian milliner Stacey Hemera Roberts
Chic leopard print felt cap with black velvet bow by UK brand Marrison Millinery
Sweeping silk pink, lilac and cream silk abacca design (see side view here) by Australian milliner Souri Sengdara

Luscious leaf green silk abacca head wrap with oversized flying bow by Australian brand Fox millinery
Charming textured natural straw percher with oversize white leather flower by Tasmanian milliner Cessiah Alice
Nude pink feather covered beret with gold quill & statement feather flowers by UK-based Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Bold pyramid hat design covered in red feathers by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones Bryson
Ombre dyed aqua straw boater (notice the beautifully dyed silk binding and hatband!) with feather wrap. By Australian milliner Stephanie Spencer

The Danish monarchy released four new portraits of Prince Christian to mark his 15th birthday
King Philippe welcomed his sister, Princess Delphine, for a meeting at Laeken Castle. Their joint statement not only recognizes Delphine’s title, but feels like the start of something good. Her interview on 60 Minutes Australia, taped before this meeting, is edited toward the sensational in my opinion, but still worth a watch.
Lovely to see the Spanish royal family this week at events for the Princess of Asturias awards and Spanish National Day
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This Week’s Extras

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella in sweet summer hats to cheer their mum’s participation in the Calvi to Monaco Water Bike Challenge in support of her charitable foundation. Prince Jacque’s monogrammed cap is very sweet!
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Queen Margrethe repeated a cream felt hat with peach wool covered curved brim today to open an outdoor museum at Trundholm Mose, Odsherred, site where the famous Bronze Age “Sun Chariot” figure was found in 1902.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel hiked the Jämtlandstriangeln trail last weekend to advocate best ways to access nature
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing how a cream straw trilby can be utterly transformed with a dotted veil. By Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Green straw bandeau with stunning floral and feather trim by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
Elegant charcoal button percher with dip-dyed black stripe bow by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Indigo shibori dyed straw hat with hand embroidery by Australian brand Somewhere Here

Dior brimmed showstopper with hand sewn black and white braid brim by Australian milliner Christine Waring

Black felt teardrop percher with emerald and ivory silk abaca statement bow by British milliner Camilla Rose
Charming ecru and dusky pink straw boater with floral trim by American brand Victoria Regina
Navy and emerald felt fedoras that come to life with patterned hatbands by British milliner Jess Collett
Whimsical white and yellow straw brimmed hat with oversize feather daisies by Canadian milliner David Dunkley
Fantastic texture on this folded purple, gold and lime patterned-ribbon bandeau by UK brand Florey Millinery
Lovely jade straw and crin hat custom made to precise specifications by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit (see front view here)
Stunning black pleated crin headpiece with Lady Amherst feathers & vintage crystals by British brand John Boyd Hats
Streamlined felt hat with flat topped crown in the loveliest shades of blue by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Pale gold straw freeform hat with crin edge and dramatic black quills by British milliner Lucy Bowler
Navy parasisal beret percher with bronze levitating leaves by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Tall mustard felt cloche with black beading and a decidedly 1960s vibe by New York brand Genevieve Rose
Whimsical beret in vibrant crin stripes by American milliner Amy Fowler. It’s so happy!

On Thursday, Princess Hisako unveiled a statue of her late husband, Prince Takamado
Princess Kiko celebrated her 54th birthday yesterday. The Imperial Household Agency released some lovely new photos to celebrate her birthday.

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This Week’s Extras

Little Princess Gabriella of Monaco in a sweet red hair bow yesterday to launch the 2020 virtual 24-hour LeMans race with her parents and brother
A record number of new millinery designs caught my eye this week so pour yourself a cuppa and settle in (all featured rainbow designs are part of the Royal Ascot Charity Auction):
From British milliner Jane Taylor, a white straw classic Dior brimmed hat with pleated crin rainbow ruffles  
From John Boyd Millinery, a black button percher with beautiful draped rainbow silk twist trim
Beautiful crown shape on this Panama straw fedora with red floral hatband by Italian brand Borsalino
Twist trimmed straw boater in the most perfect shade of green by British brand Catherine Walker
Proving that open-crowned hats can be incredibly chic is Russian milliner Lia Gureeva with this blue straw design
Delicious curves on this ecru straw sidesweep picture hat with orange feather trim by British milliner Siana Yewdall
Natural straw textured stovepipe with trio of teal silk flowers from French milliner Anthony Peto
A white straw button percher with ethereal swirling rainbow quills by British milliner Awon Golding 
Creative folded rainbow pinwheel percher from British millinery brand The Season Hats
Blush straw sweeping picture hat with bow by London-based brand Joaquina Pereira Millinery
Black straw boater with teal flying bow and multicoloured binding by British milliner Inna Walker
Palest blue straw fedora with striped hatband and pink side bow by American brand Formé Millinery
Rose gold straw percher with apricot rose and butterflies by British brand Marvellous Millinery
Striking hat with double, black and white square open brims by British brand Ana Bella Millinery
From British milliner Sally-Ann Provan, a textured white straw saucer with cascade of rainbow blooms  

And finally, from British milliner Sarah Cant, a white straw button percher with exquisite rainbow ombre flying bow


Baroness Élisabeth-Anne Taubert de Massy passed away on Wednesday. Her funeral will be held next week. Read short articles about her in Point de Vue and Monaco Daily News.
Crown Princess Mette-Marit shared an adventure trying out ceramics. How many of you have taken up a new (or rediscovered an old) hobby during this time?

So lovely to see Princess Beatrix at the opening of a playground in Baarn on Wednesday.

Also lovely to see Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne, who joined a call to recognize the work of unpaid carers.
We end this week with this charming photo released by Buckingham Palace in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh’s 99th birthday.
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Fête Nationale Monégasque 2019

Members of Monaco’s royal family gathered today to celebrate their country’s national holiday.

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Princess Charlene was in winter white from head to toe, topping her trouser and coat ensemble with a tall-crowned felt fedora. An ivory silk hatband gives a slight bit of contrast to the beautifully executed design.The hat tops a very sleek, modern-minimal look for Charlene- a look that stood out amidst the darker, winter-hued ensembles worn by other family members.

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I like the hat simply because it’s unexpected- its classic shape and pared-down aesthetic is consistent with Charlene’s millinery style while it’s excellent placement, angled slightly on her head, give it an air of mystery and effortlessness that makes it impossible to classify as boring. I’m less certain about the this hat with this ensemble- the trouser and fedora combination feels a bit business-y (although who’s to say that’s not perfectly appropriate here?) and the absence of colour makes the overall look bit cold and stark. While today’s all white (with Princess Gabriella’s all-red ensemble) seems to have been a nod to the two colours of Monaco’s flag, I’d love to see this look again with the coat swapped for one in pale blue or millennial pink, just to see if a bit of colour contrast elevates it.

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Designer: Akris, made by Milan millinery house Gallia e Peter. Clothing by Akris
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Gabriella made her millinery debut today, looking very sweet in a cherry red unstructured felt beret. While placement of the beret wasn’t optimal (and she eventually dropped it off the balcony!), Gabriella has many years ahead to perfect such things. The reflection of Monaco’s national flag through Charlene and Gabriella’s white and red outfits was a thoughtfully patriotic touch.

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Designer: Akris, made by Milan millinery house Gallia e Peter. Coat by Akris, dress by Dior.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Prince Jacques was dressed in a miniature uniform of the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince (Prince’s Company of Riflemen), the infantry branch tasked with protecting the Royal Palace. The winter dress uniform includes a blue cloth helmet with red and white dress plumes.

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What do you think of this first trio of hats today in Monaco?

[getty src=”1188628940,1188624658,1188630533,1188628436,1188679866″ height=”480″ tld=””

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This Week’s Extras

On Wednesday, October 23, Swazi King Mswati III and his newest wife, Inkhosikati LaMashwama arrived in Sochi to take part in the 2019 Russia-Africa Summit. Inkhosikati LaMashwama wore a magenta straw disc percher hat trimmed with straw twists, rosettes, feathers and sparkle crin bows
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On Thursday, October 24, Princess Yoko wore a sunny, tall-crowned cloche to open the 46th Tokyo Motor Show. The same day, Princess Kiko wore a beige silk covered bumper hat with smocked side panel to open the Meiji Jingu Museum

Also on October 26, Queen Margrethe repeated her tan, caramel, chocolate and burgundy checked hat with short  brim and stacked hatbands for military awards and parades at Fredericia. Crown Prince Frederick wore a Tyrolean hat to host a hunt on the Gludsted Plantation in central Jutland on Monday, October 28.
The Imperial Princesses in hats on Monday for the 3rd court enthronement banquet. Last Sunday, a memorial for the Prince of Mikasa (Takahito) was held on the third anniversary of his death. Crown Princes Kiko, Princess Mako, Princess Kako, Princess Yuriko of Mikasa, Princess Akiko, Princess Yoko and Princes Tsuguko were all in attendance in demure black hats.

On Thursday, Queen Maxima repeated her warm brown straw picture hat with high upswept brim.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
And from British milliner, millinery instructor and millinery flower maker Ann Tomlin, this whimsically wonderful green button percher trimmed with a handmade wildflower garden. It’s just so charming.

Lovely new portraits of the Belgian royal family (see here, here and here) released last weekend for the celebration of Princess Elisabeth’s 18th birthday
The Norwegian and Greek royals shared inspiration for their Halloween costumes this year

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