Dutch Royals Visit Singapore- Day 3

Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima are continuing their tour of Southeast Asia with a two-day visit to Singapore. For their arrival and official welcome, Beatrix wore a round, flat-topped cornflower blue hat (in her classic cake shape) with a high, upturned double brim. 

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The stripe of purple on the brim works so well; both the scale and colour are great on Beatrix. This was my favourite look for her so far on this tour. 

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Máxima arrived in Singapore wearing the same outfit and hat she wore last June in Florence for the wedding of Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon Parma and for the Four Freedoms Awards in May 2008.  The hat, a modern flower made of ecru coloured sinmay, was interesting without being weird or over the top. With her polished side chignon and diamonds, and she looked just beautiful.

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Embed from Getty Images

For meetings later in the day, Beatrix changed into a simple navy straw bumper hat with double upturned brim hat to match her navy and white dress suit.

Queen Beatrix and Princess Máxima changed into ANOTHER set of outfits and hats today (I’m just tired thinking about it!) Queen Beatrix was again in dark navy, this hat with a rounded crown and cutout detail on the side of the brim.  Princess Máxima repeated the large Fabienne Delvigne natural straw hat she wore three days ago in Brunei. She paired it this time with a cream and pink silk dress, another great look showing how versatile the hat is.

Photos from Getty as indicated and Patrick van Katwijk via Dutch Photo Press 

One thought on “Dutch Royals Visit Singapore- Day 3

  1. I like that blue hat but I don’t think the purple stripe matches the dress. I’d like it much better without the purple stripe. And who is looking at Maxima’s hat when she’s wearing that awful skirt!

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