Queen Margrethe at Church in Frederksberg

Queen Margrethe attended a special service at the De Døves Kirke in Frederiksberg this morning to commemorate the release of the first sign language bible. She wore the white wool, fur trimmed hat she first wore last January during her Ruby Jubilee celebration. I don’t usually like hats in the same colour as the wearer’s hair, but I think this one is such a great shape on her that it works in this lovely winter white.

With the special posts here this week on Queen Beatrix (stay tuned tomorrow for the final installment), we’ve seen a lot of very large hats. While I usually adhere to the belief that “Bigger is Better” when it comes to hats, I really like Queen Margrethe in smaller ones. What do you think- bigger or smaller hats for this Danish Queen?

The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Danish TV2

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