Queen Elizabeth Opens Hospital

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, opened the new Royal London Hospital in London today. After opening the hospital, they visited the The National Centre for Bowel Research and Surgical Innovation. The Queen wore a lilac pleated Angela Kelly designed hat and coat we’ve seen several times before (at Sandringham in early January and at three events last year). This hat just doesn’t do it for me- I find the crown shape is a little too Dr. Seuss while at the same time, the muted colour and the pleats are a little boring. The Queen obviously loves it since this is its fifth wearing in less than a year. So I ask you, dear hat fans- what do you think of this one?

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4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Opens Hospital

  1. I think the hat looks very nice. A Dr. Susse hat is taller and wobbles around a lot more. Notice too the black gloves and purse. White would simply stick out too much with the hat/dress colour.

    • Looking back at past appearances in this hat and coat, it seems the Queen pairs black gloves and purse with it in the winter, and ivory gloves and purse in the summer. Great observation!

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