Queen Beatrix in Arnhem

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands attended the 150th anniversary of Bronbeek (part of the Dutch Ministry of Defense)  in Arnhem today. For this visit to the Royal Home for Old Soldiers and the Bronbeek Museum, she repeated this straw hat in warm shades of mocha brown (seen last month on her trip to Singapore). While I still prefer Beatrix in brighter coloured headgear, the jaunty diagonal upturned brim and soft ombre colour make this a stylish hat in my books. What do you think?

Photo from Albert Nieboer via Corbis

5 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix in Arnhem

  1. This is one of her best hats, even without looking at the others. Each tier from the top is a slightly lighter shade to blend the look with her face and hair. The last colour is repeated in her collar trim to unify. This is more than just a hat!

    • When I first saw this hat during her visit to Singapore, she was wearing awful purple eyeshadow that totally distracted from the hat. This time I agree with you Gottfried- this is indeed, a beautiful hat on Beatrix. And ombre (the gradients of colour from dark to light) is very trendy and stylish right now.

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