European Royals Attend Papal Inauguration

The Inauguration Mass for Pope Francis was held in St Peter’s Square in Rome today. A number of European royals attended this event, which marks the beginning of the papacy. The standard royal dress code for visits to the Vatican is black with a head veil, however, five Catholic sovereigns currently hold Privilège du Blanc. Queen Paola of Belgium and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg chose to wear white today; Queen Paola’s Belgian lace veil was just exquisite.

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The last time she visited the Vatican, Princess Charlene of Monaco wore white; today, she chose black.

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Princess Máxima of the Netherlands and Princess Letizia of Austurias wore traditional black lace veils.

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Princesses Sophie and Margaretha of Liechtenstein, pictured behind and beside Prince Albert in the photos below, were in black lace veils as well.

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The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester also attended as representatives of Queen Elizabeth and the British Government. Brigitte wore what looks to be a black pillbox (or bumper) with veil.

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An array of beautiful veils here, don’t you think? To those of you more knowledgeable about fashion- can someone explain why some of the royals wore full length dresses (Maria Theresa and Máxima) while most wore knee-length?

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 Photos from Getty Images as indicated

3 thoughts on “European Royals Attend Papal Inauguration

  1. Letizia also looked very nice. This is the kind of event where you want to look elegant and proper. Maxima’s jersey knit was a little too clingy for a trip to the Vatican.

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