British Royals Celebrate 150th Anniversary of the London Underground

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Baker Street Underground Station this morning to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

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The Queen wore a hat in the same cream bouclé fabric as her coat designed by Angela Kelly. This one had an upturned brim, black feather trim and interesting divided crown (in a very similar shape to the magenta and black one she’s worn a few times recently).   The Queen wore it in October last year for the state visit of the President of Indonesia and in 2012,  on a visit to Leeds during part of her Jubilee tour.

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Kate repeated a black Whiteley designed black velour beret loop and feather trim. She last wore this hat back on January 8, 2011 for the wedding of friends; paired with her beautiful green coat with black trim, I thought this hat was a knock-out.

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I love when the Queen invites Kate along on engagements- it makes for a fantastic double hat day! Which one of these hats did you prefer?

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11 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate 150th Anniversary of the London Underground

  1. Princess Mary of Denmark wore this outfit several years ago (it is several years old). I’m not sure why Kate continues to wear clothing that is several seasons out of fashion. The hat is all right- rather boring.

  2. First of all, a great blog you’ve got here! Twitter just recommended you to be followed and now I’m very happy that I found your blog. Very nice posts and especially I like how the blog looks, very polished and beautiful. :)Ab

    You said this was a new hat for the queen but didn’t she wear this one last year during the state visit from Indonesia? I was watching the ‘Our Queen’ documentary the other day and happened to notice the similarity.

    • Thanks so much for your kind compliments- I welcome any feedback you have about the blgo. And GREAT observation- That is 100% the same hat! I’ve updated the post with your contribution- thanks so much for spotting this! And, welcome here! I hope this will be the first comment of many!

    • Indeed- beautiful hats and outfits. I missed the matching feather motif, Gottfried- excellent observation! I love how Kate’s hat stands out, but not without taking away focus from the Queen. Very well played.

    • Yes! I agree. Kate looks so beautiful in this hat with her hair down, curled. It’s kind of the same as the hat she wore the other day with her hair up, but different with the feather. I think I like this one better.

      • I agree- this hat is a little more fun and I like it better than the one she wore on Sunday, especially with her hair down.

    • No way! That’s a Malene Birger coat. It’s beautifully cut, perfectly tailored and in a fantastic color on Kate. The hat is just quirky enough without being weird, and most importantly, doesn’t overshadow Queen Elizabeth. It’s stylish, professional and elegant- everything a princess’s working wardrobe should be.

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