British Royal Family Celebrates Easter

Members of the British Royal Family attended Easter Matins this morning at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Queen wore a new hat in pale pink wool hat designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan. It was trimmed with multiple bands around the crown, a side looped bow and an ostrich poof that like a white koosh ball on the side.I like this hat very much… but I don’t love it for Easter. It just seems a little wintry and cold. I like my Easter hats springy and flowery.

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The Countess of Wessex wore a spectacular peacock feather trimmed straw beret designed by Jane Taylor (it looks very close to the Madeline seen here). We have seen Sophie in this hat twice before- first at Ascot in June 2011 with a black suit then a month later with a blue and white ensemble at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.  While both previous outings were successful, the pairing of this hat with this Roland Mouret electric blue suit is a knockout.

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Princess Beatrice wore the  mustard yellow rounded beret-shaped “Polly” design of milliner Rachel Black. It’s the same hat and coat she wore during Christmas holidays at Sandringham and while I did not like this hat the first time I saw it, it’s growing on me. I might end up liking this one.

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Princess Eugenie wore a new hat designed by Sara Cant. In blush pink, the beret base of this cocktail hat is trimmed in large folded petals (or leaves?). It’s difficult to tell what exactly the hat is made of- I originally thought patterned silk but others of you are guessing foil covered straw). No matter the material, I thought this hat was demure and sweet – and that’s nothing short of miraculous when it comes to the York sisters. Well done, you two.

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All in all, I thought it was a great hat day for the British Royal Family. Which one was your favourite?

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22 thoughts on “British Royal Family Celebrates Easter

  1. I loved Sophie’s hat – hated the ‘scuba suit’ dress she wore, even though the color is good. If Beatrice’s had were really mustard color, it would be more appropriate for Autumn than Spring. As it is, it’s really the color of ….well….baby poop, and I don’t like it for all those reasons. Overall, I felt sad that the Queen had so few of her family with her for Easter. At 87 – albeit in excellent health – who knows how many she has left? I would think her family would take every opportunity to be with her.

  2. I also thought the Queen’s hat was beautiful and very suitable for Easter. The others, except Eugenie all seemed to be seeking attention.

  3. LOVE Jane Taylor hats. I’ve never heard of Rachel Black what do you know about her? I didn’t like Beatrice’s hat at first look but its growing on me now too.

  4. I love Eugenie hat, but I think there are a few reporting errors here the hat looks to be straw covered in silver leaf rather than fabric and pink not cream

    • It’s hard to tell the material of this hat, isn’t it? I think you are right on the colour- it does look a very pale blush pink rather than cream. I’ve looked back through Eugenie’s hat archive and can’t find this one anywhere so I believe it’s new. We might have to wait to see it again to confirm what it’s made of. With some big British royal events coming up (60th anniversary of the coronation, Trooping of the Color and Ascot) we’ll probably see it again soon! Thanks for the note- I’ve made changes to the hat description above.

  5. I’m not sure I really like any of these hats. The queens is a little boring (and that feather poof is weird), Sophies is too feathery, Beatrice’s is such an awful color and Eugenies is boring. If I had to pick one that I liked… I pick Kate’s from St. Patricks Day!

    • Yes, me too! I liked the hats that Kate has been wearing recently much better than any of these ones. I really liked that black one she wore on St. Patrick’s Day so I would choose that one too!

  6. Dear Hatqueen,
    I very much love the Queen’s hat today. It is very Easter. The colour and texture at first glance reminded me of pillow mints – and upon closer inspection, there was one on the side of the crown! I love the whole look!

    On the other hand, if I were to encounter the peacock hat worn by the Countess of Wessex, I wouldn’t know whether to take it seriously. I could not take the cream hat with petals seriously either because its appearance is very teenager.

    Princess Eugenie, however, wears her hat very well from the front with the perfect feather prominently displayed. Unfortunately the appearance becomes flat and two dimensional from the other angle and could remind one of feather-on-biscuit.

    • Pillow mints! Love it! If you notice, Gottfied, the Queen always has those little “balls” on the side of her hats. They are custom made hat pins, made for each hat. The pin head coordinates with the same fabric as the hat.

    • Teenager? This girl is only 23 years old. Most of her hats make her look old. FINALLY she’s wearing something young.

  7. Wow. Princess Beatric looks amazing. That teal and yellow combination is gorgeous, especially with her red hair. So fashionable.

  8. The Yorkies looking normal?! Nothing short of miraculous indeed! Love your commentary. It’s so funny without getting nasty.

  9. I sure wouldn’t want to be stuck sitting behind Sophie in church. Pity anyone around her who is allergic to feathers.

      • I like all these hats. Sophie’s is a bit much although that blue is beautiful on her. And her hair looks so nice with the hat.

      • sooo right! you take the words out of my mouth.

        the vibrant colour is lovely on her, the hat in itself a rather spectacular design (actually like it): but both, and especially in this daring combination, are a b s o l u t e l y inappropriate for mass on easter sunday. do love her hairdo – she should wear it more often this way. gives her look more volume.

  10. Oh my starts- I had a yellow hat very close to this one, but way back in the sixties. I can’t believe the styles come around again! LOL!

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