Danish Royal Family Host Finnish State Visit

President Sauli Niinistö of Finland and his wife, Jenni Haukio arrived in Copenhagen this morning for a two day state visit to Denmark.

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Queen Margrethe wore the white fur trimmed flat pillbox-esque hat she wore in February for the sign language bible release, and for her Ruby Jubilee last year.

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Mrs. Haukio wore a small cream rosette looped and feathered fascinator. She seems a fan of the fascinator- she also wore one for the first day of her state visit to Norway last October.

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Crown Princess Mary repeated the Philip Treacy burgundy felt cloche with silk bow she’s worn seven times before (most recently at Queen Margrethe’s Ruby Jubilee last year). Princess Marie wore a new bandeau headpiece of curling black organdie ribbon and feathers. Princess Benedikte wore a turquoise felt stylised trilby with extended brim around the front.

This short video of Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, President Niinistö and Mrs. Haukio  arriving at the Palace also shows some great hat footage. I thought it was a pretty predictable hat day by the Danes today. What did you think? Which hat was your favourite?

Photos from TORKIL ADSERSEN,TORKIL ADSERSEN/AFP via Getty Images; Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Danish Royal Family Host Finnish State Visit

  1. Benedikte looks lovely. I think a hat would’ve been a bit more substantial on Mrs. Haukio, but I absolutely love the 60s-influenced outfit. She looked very chic.

    • I liked her suit as well. I didn’t realize that Mrs. Haukio is very young (younger than both Princess Marie and Princess Mary). That makes the fascinator a little better… but I agree with you that a hat would have been better. Welcome here- I hope you’ll feel welcome to comment again soon!

  2. Thanks for this nice post! 🙂 Benedikte looks so regal, love the look. Mrs. Haukio isn’t famous about her clothes, atleast on a positive way. She tends to dress a bit old for her age. Or dull. This time I don’t think it was neither but you’re right about the “fascinator”. That’s simply not enough. Not big enough, not hat enough, not enough for her outfit, her status or compared to the royal ladies.

    There’s also a small correction to make: the president is called Niinistö, Sauli Niinistö. Väinämö is his second name and for some reason they use the whole name at the website. Google translate gets the names mixed up.

      • I assure you, I really am not here to pinpoint any mistakes, I really enjoy your blog! 🙂 You always have nice and beautiful photos and the information you provide is very interesting.

        • No no- I was just meaning that I hope I will stop making errors so you don’t need to correct me! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. And I really do appreciate your corrections!

    • Regal- such an excellent word to describe this hat. And yes, thank you for this post. I really enjoy this blog.

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