Queen Beatrix Lights Up Eindhoven

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands visited Eindhoven today for the opening of the Philips Museum. The museum is located in the old Philips Light Bulb factory where the first Philips bulb was produced in 1891. After opening and touring the museum, the Queen also visited the Philips Research Centre. For this illuminating day, Beatrix wore a forest green hat with flat crown and brim with feather hatband that adds a fun touch of whimsey to the design.

Photos from Dutch Photo Press

4 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix Lights Up Eindhoven

    • The rich colour is so magnificent on Queen Beatrix. And her necklace and earings match so nicely. And the feathers add just the right amount of special touch. We agree this hat is ravishing!

  1. The hat works very well in conjunction with the outfit so I voted ‘ravishing’. If the hat were worn by itself without the complementary accompaniment, it may have looked ridiculous. Even so, ‘ravishing’ would not have been my choice of word – maybe ‘smart’ or ‘eligant’ instead. I find it amazing to think we have lived into a time beyond the simple light bulb and it has become a museum piece. Fortunately, never the hat!

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