Birthday of Queen Margrethe

Queen Margrethe of Denmark turns 73 today. On more than a few occasions, however, this costume-designing Queen has worn some crazy millinery.  One of my favourites is this polka dotted number worn on a tour of South Korea in 2007. I don’t like this hat but I do grin widely at it because it is such a great example of her quirky and creative style. It takes a very confident woman to pull this look off and that makes me admire Queen Margrethe all the more.

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13 thoughts on “Birthday of Queen Margrethe

    • Well said, Ms. Audrey. This ensemble shows Queen Margrethe’s flair for bold patterns and her great ability to carry them with aplomb. The crown height of this hat is perfect for this statuesque Queen and the delicate curve of the brim is becoming and elegant. Had this hat been in a solid scarlet, it would have received top marks from me. Alas, it is a dotted disaster and makes our dear Queen look like a quizzical spotted owl. I thus grant this hat a 4/10. Thank you, Hat Queen, for this amusing birthday celebration.

  1. I can’t believe some of you like this hat. If she had worn it in 1983 I would have chocked it up to the 80s, laughed and moved on. SHE WORE THIS IN 2007 PEOPLE! There’s no excuse for that.

  2. It’s unique, I’ll give it that. I don’t like it at all but it seems to really fit Queen Margrethe’s personality

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