Swedish Royals Start State Visit to Croatia

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden have embarked on a two-day state visit to Croatia. For their arrival today, Silvia chose a white calot style hat with back flower detail and net veil to match her suit. Perched on the back of her head, it had a decidedly retro vibe that I liked. I also liked the contrast with her dark hair and thought the whole look was very Queen-like.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Mode Rosa

What did you think of Queen Silvia’s hat today?

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Start State Visit to Croatia

  1. I apologize, dear friends, for this late reivew. When I saw beautiful Queen Silvia today, I could only think of our dearly departed former first lady and queen of American fashion, Mrs. Kennedy. Magnificent! Alone, this veiled pillbox is simply beautiful. Paired, as it is on this great occasion, with a perfectly styled chestnut coiffe and a sublime day suit, it is perfection and utter bliss. This hat receives a 10/10.

  2. I think this hat is old fashioned and not in a good, stylish retro kind of way. It seems really out of date. And the all white from head to too is way to bridal for me.

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