Queen Returns to the Races

Still grinning ear to ear after her racing win yesterday, Queen Elizabeth returned today to the Newbury Racecourse. Her horse, ‘Border Legend’, ran in Race 3 but sadly, did not win. The Queen repeated this Angela Kelly designed ivory and mauve wool hat that she last wore back in December for her visit to the Bank of England.

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This hat continues to grow on me. I still prefer the Queen in hats that don’t blend in so well with her hair but I love the upturned mini-brim on this one. I also liked it much better with the Queen’s mauve dress than with her tweedy coat. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Queen Returns to the Races

  1. This looks like a variation of the hat worn at Thatcher’s funeral servce, except in white: basic hat shape with decorative ribbon on the right side.

    • I think these hats (this one and the black one worn at the funeral) are quite different. The crown on the black one has very straight lines (look at the diagonal top, the bottom where the brim is attached and the pleating in between). This hat is very rounded without any sharp corners. They both have a slightly upturned brim but the effect of the brim is different on each hat. And the material makes them very different. This one is brushed wool which makes it seem soft and warm.

      • Lauren, I love your comments because you notice so many more things about the hats than I do. I also thought these hats looked similar and now I see how different they are. I like the shape (and the color and the material) of this one a lot more.

  2. It seems like a very happy hat for a happy day at the races. Some hats make the queen’s face really shine and this is one of them.

    • Yes indeed. This hat is so smart on her. I just love that purple bow and her purple dress. Us older gals tend to look real nice in purple.s

  3. I also like this hat with the purple dress. The white coat is too much white. White hat, white hair, white face, white coat…

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