Queen Wins at Newbury

Queen Elizabeth’s birthday weekend got off to a winning start today when her horse, Sign Manual, won the 4.15 race at The Dubai Duty Free Raceday held at Newbury Racecourse. Shown here with with her racing manager John Warren  and horse trainer Michael Bell, there were a few tense moments before victory was assured.

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The Queen celebrated her win with jockey Hayley Turner and wore a perma-smile for the rest of the afternoon. I wish I could be as happy about her hat as I am about her horse’s win. I love the brown straw crown with diagonal top and pleated band around it. I’m just not a fan of the tweed brim, the gigantic Medusa button and head-on collision of messy feathers. The Queen has worn this hat and matching coat many times since its debut on Christmas Day in 2007. I think she should go out on top and retire it with this win. What do you think – keep it or retire it?

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15 thoughts on “Queen Wins at Newbury

  1. The hat and feathers are great. It’s just that weird Medusa button. I really like that the inside of the brim is the same material as her coat. That’s neat.

  2. This has got to be one of the most visually interesting hats I’ve ever seen! It must be inspired by an owl! I love it. …and it can only be worn with that coat, tying in with the fabric and buttons.

    • Its so classy how the queen’s coat matches her hat with the same fabrick on the brim. Thats how you know its made custom for her by a designer by the same fabrick on the hat as on her coat. And those big button’s are so eye catching. I love the feathers and I just love the shape of the top of the hat. This hat is a winner just like the queen is today! LOL!

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