Dutch Enthronement: Princess Irene and Family

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Princess Irene, younger sister of Princess Beatrix, looked incredibly regal in an ecru coloured lace hat. While there is a lot of lace going on here, the hat was fairly restrained and simple. I thought she looked incredibly beautiful.

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Princess Annemarie, wife of Princess Irene’s son Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, wore an interesting gold fascinator by Amelie D’Hoogvorst with long feathers that curved around her head. It reminded me of both an octopus and Medusa… not the kind of images or comparison one wants their hat to conjure up.

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Princess Irene’s two daughters  Princess Margarita and Princess Carolina both wore striking variations on pillbox hats. Margarita’s hat, in a metallic taupe coloured straw, featured a unique curved crown and I thought she looked great.

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Princess Carolina’s peacock blue hat was a show stopper for me- the size, colour and sassy side fan and flower embellishment were absolutely gorgeous on her. Carolina’s hat was one of my favourites of the day.

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UPDATE: It seems Princess Margarita did not get enough hat wearing in today so she showed up for the black tie gala dinner in a fascinator! The fascinator on its own is beautiful- feathery, light and substantial enough to be actually seen (hear that Princess Anita?!) and in a lovely colour on Margarita. But when added to a bright pink sparkle dress, bright pink wrap and bright pink sparkle clutch?? II think it’s a little much.

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12 thoughts on “Dutch Enthronement: Princess Irene and Family

  1. Fantastic all around (except for the octopus hat. That should be outlawed). Irene was dripping elegance in the lace hat and her daughters each had such a fashion moment. But that pink dress and fascinator? SWOON!! THAT is what a princess wears to the ball. Timeless and magnificent.

  2. Princess Carolina’s hat is really pretty on her. I’d like it better if she didn’t wear it on the side of her head but more on top of her head like a real pillbox hat.

    • Carolina’s teal blue hat is beautiful but for me it’s TOTALLY ruined by the cheap looking lace dress. I know that lace ain’t cheap so that’s even more tragic!

    • Exactly. Except for the pink feather flower thing at the bottom. That is the best. Why didn’t she wear that all day?

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