Dutch Enthronement: Princess Margriet and Family

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Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, younger sister of Princess Beatrix, looked beautiful today in a pale green hat. The crown of her hat was in the same fabric as her dress and featured a straw brim and bow. Even though the brim looked a little like the rings around Saturn, I liked how the tilted back angle framed her face.

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Princess Marilène, wife of Princess Margriet’s son Prince Maurits, looked statuesque and striking in a magenta pillbox.A simple pillbox is a great compliment to a patterned lace dress but when the whole lot is in bright pink, its a LOT of bright pink.

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Princess Annette, wife of Princess Margriet’s son Prince Bernhard, wore a dramatic black straw hat with a sharply curved upturned brim. I liked her monochrome hat well enough but felt it was a lost against her ornately patterned dress and skirt.

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At first glance, I thought Princess Anita (wife of Princess Margriet’s son Pieter Christiaan) did not wear a hat. It was only when I rewatched the royal arrivals did I notice she wore a small burgundy fascinator on the left side of her head. Anita had brain surgery a few months ago and it was great to see her looking so well.

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Princess Margriet’s final daughter-in-law, Princess Aimée, who is married to Prince Floris, provided the biggest hat surprise of the day. It took me a minute to place this hat… as you’ll see below, Queen Máxima wore it during a November 2011 tour of the Dutch Caribbean! Aimée is also wearing one of Máxima’s maternity gowns. While I found this family fashion-swap quite heart warming, I was not a fan of this hat and gown combination.

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17 thoughts on “Dutch Enthronement: Princess Margriet and Family

  1. I LOVED Princess Annette’s dress and hat. The hat went perfectly with that dress. And Princess Anita looked lovely in the burgundy lace. Too bad we couldn’t see her fascinator.

  2. I didn’t like any of these ones. They were all a little off. And Marielene looked like a dressed up Barbie doll.

    • I was afraid to say so but every one of these hats and dresses were not flattering. Sure, there was some nice fabrics and colors but that means nothing if in the end the dress and hat don’t look good.

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