The Queen and Prince Philip Visit Hadley Court

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited the defence medical rehabilitation centre at Headley Court in Surrey today to open new unit for recovering injured servicemen. The Queen wore a white Rachel Trevor Morgan hat she first wore for her and Philip’s diamond wedding anniversary in 2007. This hat, with a curved brim and wispy feather trim must be one of her favourites because we’ve seen her wear it hat numerous times in the past six years. It’s one of my favourites on her, too. What do you think?

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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13 thoughts on “The Queen and Prince Philip Visit Hadley Court

  1. I’m not sure what it is but this one is prettier than her other hats. And they are all beautiful!

  2. I would never guess in a million years that hat was already five years old. It looks brand new and very modern.

    • I agree with you. I love the upturned and tilted brims but I don’t like the diagonal crowns at all. I thought this was a new thing for her but now it seems it’s been a few years. Otherwise, it’s a very pretty hat.

    • I think this shape is very flattering on her. It’s a nice change from all the rounded crown hats (which most of them are).

  3. In her later yrs this same style has been repeated many times but I am OK with that – she had done that throughout her life (remember all the turban hats from the 70? Ugh! I like her best in the really light shades and not so much the light but brights…so agree with you, this white is a good one. Gosh, they keep saying she and the prince are so old and going to need to slow down but other than the illness times each had this past yr, I sure don’t see them slowing down. If anything I see most of the immediate royal family picking up speed. She looks lovely here today!

    • I wish she would change her hats up a bit. They all look similar. I guess at 87 she can wear what she wants! She does always look nice.

      • Remember, the Queen Mother basically wore the same hat for the lastseveral decades of her life! Same design, just different fabrics and embellishments – and they were wonderful on her. I guess it’s a case of discovering what works for you and going with it.

      • Thank you! Very well said Deb Whited. There is no reason why Queen Elizabeth should be changing her hat style now. Like her mother, she looks beautiful.

      • If the older royals have a style that works, let them keep it. Her style works as does Princess Beatrix’s. Queen Margrethe is another issue.

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