Danish Royals Begin Summer Cruise Season

Each summer, Queen Margrethe and  Prince Henrik of Denmark embark on an extended summer tour aboard the royal yacht, Dannebrog. This afternoon, they kicked off the first leg of the 2013 summer cruise, setting sail from Copenhagen. Margrethe must have been excited about this event because she broke out a new hat.  As I mentioned earlier this week, Margrethe’s hats usually have a wacky bit of embellishment – this tomato red cloche had a giant red buckle. I could grow to like the shape of this hat (an interesting chimney with the pop-up domed top) on Margrethe but it’s ruined for me by that buckle.

Photos from Abaca

12 thoughts on “Danish Royals Begin Summer Cruise Season

  1. I like this hat except for the way it has the sloppy covering of the buckle – sort of looks like it was done and that was tossed on as an after thought to please her because maybe the buckle looked too bright or was otherwise too detracting from the over all look. Gosh I want to go on the royal spring/summer cruise! Maybe down to the Canaries?

    • Can you IMAGINE going on a royal cruise around the Meditrranean?! That would be epic. Would LOVE to see the royals on vacation.

  2. At first glance I thought this was a real nice hat. Then I looked closer. It seems kind of sloppy with that buckle thing (it looks big enough to be a picture frame!) and the puffy ribbon around. I don’t like it after all.

    I wanted to say what a great job you did with all the hats from Holland this week. I didn’t make any comments because I was just so awed by all those hats and how you kept them, the princesses and the designers straight. I told my friends about it and we had so much fun reading over our coffee clatch on Wednesday! I hope you’ll keep this blog up because it’s a highlight of my day.

    • I believe the summer yacht tour is a series of mini-cruises throughout the summer months. The Crown Prince & Princess often join them in July or August for a few weeks.

  3. A very happy outfit. I agree with Hatqueen that the buckle is too much, but I cannot picture a successful hat without something there. It may need just the hoop without the roll. The roll gives the impression of a wound-up sock from the front and only looks like a buckle from the side.

  4. She has red lipstick, hat and cape. The rest of her is ghost white. It is not a good look. She must cut her hair into a soft style around her face to look better.

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