Queen Margrethe Celebrates Kierkegaard

Queen Margrethe of Denmark attended a service at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen yesterday commemorating  Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s 200th birthday. For this engagement, she wore a turquoise hat with a mushroom shaped brim and a smart two-toned blue ribbon around the crown.  Margrethe has previously worn this hat to host the Chinese President in June 2012, and on visits to the UK and to Russia in 2011. It’s had a lot of wear for good reason- it’s a classic shape in one of the vibrant colours she favours and it looks very good on Margrethe.

Update- I mistook this hat (and it’s multiple wearings) to be the same as the blue hat Margrethe wore here today even though they are clearly different. Thanks to reader LouisaMay for pointing out the error!

Photo from Corbis

11 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe Celebrates Kierkegaard

    • I do too. I just wish she would cut her hair so it would look softer around her face. But the hat is beauiful such a nice shape and love the blue.

    • I did not know about this queen until I started reading this blog. I clicked on her name to see all of the hat’s she has worn and this one is my favorite. That blue is such a pretty spring color!

  1. Come on, it’s not the same! The last four links show a slightly but obviously different hat (just look at the top of it, if the missing ribbons are not enough). Besides, one seems to be whool, while the other is straw. I admit
    both are rather simple and sober, and turquoise.

    • You are right. My apologies- I totally combined these two turquoise hats in my mind but they are indeed different. The post has been updated accordingly. Thanks for your eagle eyes!

      • You’re most welcome! Margrethe’s repeats are so common that I understand your mistake. I see that some may have felt my comment as rude. I apologize in turn – it was definitely not my intent, since I enjoy quite a lot getting my daily fix of hats on this blog 🙂

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