Queen Recognizes Recipients of the Order of Merit

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles attended a service for members of the Order of Merit at the Chapel Royal, at St. James’ Palace yesterday (Charles is greeting his mother in the awkward photo below). The Queen repeated a mint green straw hat with feather trim designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan. Paired with an elegantly simple coat dress, I thought this was a fantastic look for her. What do you think of the Queen in this minty fresh hat?

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Queen Recognizes Recipients of the Order of Merit

  1. Honestly, I can’t think of a single color that doesn’t look beautiful on the Queen. She has such a perfect complexion that any color is flattering! I love the mint hat on her! Very soft and fluttery, with the feathers.

  2. There is something so soft and so flattering about this hat. I just love it. It’s a beautiful color of green on The Queen. The wispy feathers are so soft and gentle. Sometimes feathers look funny sticking up in into the middle of nowhere.

    • I agree. She looks so nice in purple, pink, bright blue and turquoise but this green is very pretty.

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