Princess Clothilde at Cannes

Princess Clotilde of Savoy, the Princess of Venice & Piedmont, attended the premiere of “The Great Gatsby” today at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. She accessorized her amazing Elie Saab gown with a bejeweled fasincator headband. While most starlets choose sparkly earrings, I love that Clothilde eschewed jewellery in favour of a fascinator. That’s a girl after my own heart!

What do you think of this fascinator? Should she have chosen diamond earrings instead?

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8 thoughts on “Princess Clothilde at Cannes

  1. Earrings are so predictable. With the high neck on the dress, earrings would have been too much. The hair clips are just perfect and so unexplected. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    • I agree. Earrings with this gown would have ruined it unless they were tiny studs. What’s the point of wearing tiny studs for a red carpet event? The hair band was just perfect.

  2. Hmmmmm… I like the clips in the hair. It would have looked odd to have noticeable earrings along with them, but no earrings at all even more so. She should have added diamond studs.

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