Queen Máxima Visits Children’s Hospital

Queen Máxima of The Netherlands attended the 150th Anniversary Of Sophia Children’s Hospital today in Rotterdam. For this visit, Máxima repeated the red suit she wore to New York in 2009 but paired it with a tan ruched straw toque.

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While this hat is similar to other straw toque-turbans Máxima has worn (this one in 2005, this one in 2007 and this one in 2009) this one appears to be slightly different and I strongly suspect it is new. Like the others, this is a Fabienne Delvigne design. I find this hat interesting- without a large brim, it’s a great  hat for visiting children as there is no large brim to obstruct one-on-one interaction or eye contact. It has taken me years to warm up to any hat that looks remotely like a turban and while I’m still not a big fan of the toque style, I’m starting to see their function.

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What do you think of this new hat?

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14 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Visits Children’s Hospital

  1. Queen Maxima doesn’t seem to be very fond of recycling her hats am I right? Before the inauguration I made a small picturepost about her hats to my blog and most of the hats popped up in google etc. with only one outfit.

    • Queen Máxima does recycle hats but seems to do this less than the British royals. For example, The large diagonal straw hat she wore for Prince Albert and Charlene’s wedding in July 2011 was repeated this year in both Brunei and in Singapre. The camel vagabond hat she wore for Prinsjesdag in 2011 she repeated in October 2011 with a less formal outfit. She has repeated repeated many of her other hats once or twice as well.

      I don’t think Maxima is opposed to repeating hats. We simply have not seen her wear hats on a regular basis. In the past, she wore hats for foreign state visits and formal events but not for daily engagements in Holland. Now that she is queen, I suspect she will wear hats for more of the daily engagements in Holland and we’ll see her recycle hats more.

      • That’s a good point! We really haven’t seen her in a hat as often as some of the other royals. Thay may very well change now that she is a queen. Of course there are others that are not queens and repeat a lot but the one example that comes to mind is Duchess Camilla and well… she likes to repeat, doesn’t she? 🙂 With hats, dressess, coats, everything.

        I really hope we will see more repeats from Queen Maxima. There’s a lot of great hats that really needs a couple of new outings. 🙂

        • I also think that at her heart, Camilla doesn’t really care that much about fashion. When she finds an outfit that looks good and she feels comfortable with, why not wear it a lot? Princess Beatrix also repeats things quite a bit. It will be very interesting to watch if Queen Máxima begins wearing hats more frequently now that she is queen. If she buys new ones or repeats the ones she’s already got, we hat watchers are the winners either way!

          Another thing I find interesting is that many royals repeat the same dress or coat with one hat. Kate seems to be mixing her hats and outfits up each time she wears them. I think this shows a lot of creativity and savvy on her part. It will be fascinating to see if this continues.

      • I think you’re right about Camilla. And I don’t blame her as long as the outfits are appropriate and up to her status as they have always been.

        The mixing is more interesting, I agree. And judging by you’re examples in the previous post Queen Maxima does the same. Good for them and good for us! 🙂

  2. Since the hat doesn’t cover her hair, could it be thought of as an ‘unstructured’ pillbox? Maybe that is just semantics, but it might help make it more acceptable. I truly loathe turbans. They always seem ‘lazy,’ as though the wearer couldn’t be bothered to wash or style her hair, or she has a head injury.

  3. Queen Maxima looks wonderful, the red suit looks fantastic with her beige accessories. She has looked great in every photo since she became Queen.

  4. In the last picture she looks so much like and elegant queen. I can’t believe she’s just been queen for a few weeks. I love this hat with her hair and I really love how it’s a bit shiny. My oh My she looks good!

    • This is such a nicehat on her. I just love the shape and how there is a tiny bit of shine. I would never think to put a tan hat with a red suit but it looks so sharp.

  5. Max looks fabulous! Love the red color on her and she looks good in the turban hat. I love her hair up or done some way other than it hanging down and stringy! Good choice for her on this day.

  6. I’m not a huge fan, but it was certainly a good choice to visit a children hospital and anyway I prefer when Maxima has her hair done – which seems to be the best option for this turban.

    • The nice thing about this turban hat is that it doesn’t totally cover her hair up and make her look like she is bald. I don’t like it when hats do that to queens and princesses.

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