Dutch King and Queen Begin Inauguration Tour

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands began their inauguration tour with a visit to the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe (they are visiting every province in Holland over the next month). Máxima repeated the interesting metallic pillbox hat she wore in April 2011 while on a state visit to Germany.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

This is the most interesting hat as it appears to be entirely covered in either metal snaps or washers. The effect and texture that is created is quite striking and truly unique. With matching metallic trim on her dress and coat (and another lovely chignon), this edgy metallic element lifts the ensemble from boring beige to eye-catching.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jan Taminau

What do you think of this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

23 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen Begin Inauguration Tour

  1. Yes Queen Maxima, I stand corrected, thank you very much. You really do repeat your hats, I was really really wrong. Next time something new though, please… 🙂

  2. These must be plastic washers glued onto a backing or into a mold. It would be easy to apply a metallic paint afterward. Actual metal would be far too heavy and pull out her hair, considering the angle the hat is worn! The pull marks in the fabric would be much more pronounced.

    • It certainly is. I think she has toned down that sense of adventure a little since becoming queen. This hat is creative but not as avant garde as many things she has worn. Quite beautiful.

    • Indeed! I’m also so happy to see that so far, she has worn a hat to most of her daytime engagements. This seems to indicate she’ll be wearing hats much more frequently and that’s great news for us hat fans.

    • Oh, yes. It’s very Maxima.
      If any other royal wore this I’d think it was bizarre but because it’s Maxima, it wins me over. I think it must be the sheer force of her personality.

      • I don’t think it’s that bizarre. I think it’s modern, interesting and very high fashion but not bizarre.

      • I disagree that her personality is what makes her fashion and hats successful. It is because she makes excellent fashion choices. This hat is so incredible because the industrial hardness of it contrasts with the softness of her dress and coat. It is these contrasts that work. Many people with quiet personalities can wear high fashion very well. You do not need to be a loud person to wear cutting edge fashion.

  3. I always like a pillbox and just love a hat with glitz. This hat looks like a highs chool metal project or punk rockers and I just don’t think its a nice hat for a queen to wear.

    • I don’t think it looks punk rock at all. It’s a little different but I like it. I really like seeing new ideas for hats. And I agree this is metal snaps all sewn on, not metal washers.

  4. I like Max ‘s hat (and outfit), but after examining the photo enlargements closely, I am convinced that the silver bits are metal, and are in fact, the ‘female’ half of ‘snap’ fasteners! Unusual choice of embellishment, to be sure, but some of the countries in her area are known for thei modern and even
    r avant garde designs. If you look at the way the coat moves and the ‘pull’ marks in the fabric at the hem of the skirt, it’s clear that it is heavy.

    • I asked a mechanical engineer friend what they were and she was certain they were washers (and said there was no way a woman could carry that kind of weight comfortably on a hat!) but I think your hunch might be a little more on track. Either way, it’s the most interesting material to cover a hat in, isn’t it?!

      • I’ve never seen another royal hat quite like this one. Usually I just say that about the really bad hats but I kind of like this one.

        • I just love your description of this hat, Archie! I’m happy to have a few “blokes” here commenting on the blog. Your perspectives are always so interesting!

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