Queen Máxima Visits School in Hillegom

Queen Máxima officially opened a new building of the Fioretticollege campus in Hillegom. Máxima continued her new trend (since becoming queen) of wearing a hat for daytime events and repeated a black ringed headpiece by Fabienne Delvigne  she has worn once before.

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When I first saw photos this morning and thought Máxima was wearing a stacked pillbox, I loved it.  When I realized this bold queen was in a hat without a crown (!), it fell a little flat for me.

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So I ask you, dear readers, what do you think of this open crown headpiece?

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16 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Visits School in Hillegom

  1. I cannot appreciate these ‘bands’ as hats. I think they are ridiculous. Unfortunately the norm for Queen Max is ratty hair, and it just disappoints, especially as Princess Beatrix is always immaculately coifed. Not saying I like the style, just that she is consistently coifed.

    • Since becoming Queen, Queen Maxima’s hair has vastly improved in style and neatness. It is no longer fair to say her “norm” is ratty hair. That is not true.

  2. My mother’s bridesmaids wore picture hats with no “top”… back in 1947. Never liked the look in photos, still don’t. It looks like a fat hairband. It looks like she didn’t have time to do anything with her hair except put it up in a low ponytail, wrapped the end around and stuck this thing on top.

  3. I love it. It’s a very Old Hollywood/retro vibe that she’s made very modern with her black and white coat. I think it’s fabulous.

    • I don’t know why you young gals are so offended by these hats! LOL! They are very stylish and have come back around into fashion again. This is a beautiful hat and the open top hats leave potenshall to do a nice hairdo that curls around the hat part.

      • I find the determination of what is “high fashion” so arbitrary. Just because a designer puts something horrible on a model and walks it down a runway doesn’t make it fashionable.

        I like this hat on Queen Maxima- it looks wonderful with her outfit and it suits the shape of her face. I would not like this hat on Grand Duchess Maria Teresa or Queen Sofia or on the Duchess of Cornwall. Part of what makes a hat fashionable is that it looks good on the person wearing it.

  4. Hierk… don’t know how to express disgust in English. On the first picture, when you don’t see the back of it, it looks wonderful. But as soon as you get a glimpse of that huge hole, nightmare begins. Not even a proper updo to save it! Her seemingly highlighted hair looks awful on most pictures.
    Let us try to forget this outing and pray that she doesn’t repeat this hat. Please.

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