Dutch Royals Continue Inauguration Tour

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands continued their inauguration tour with a visit to Gelderland and Utrecht today.

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Queen Máxima repeated the Fabienne Delvigne natural straw hat and blue flowered Natan dress that she wore on state visit to Brunei in January this year.

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This is her fourth public outing of this hat- the other two wearings have been with different dresses (in Singapore this year and it originally, at the Monaco royal wedding in July 2011). I have always thought this was a spectacular hat and am pleasantly surprised by how versatile it has been.  It’s still  a lot of hat but Máxima wears it very well and I thought she looked fabulous today.

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Photos from Dutch Photo Press

12 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Continue Inauguration Tour

  1. The hat is good, but so extremely large that I would be concerned that if there were a lot of humidity, the blocking would give way and it would collapse over her face! The Duchess of Cornwall has some extraordinarily large hats that gave the same impression, especially since they were already a bit wobbly in the breeze. Queen Max has a very similar hat that is plum or fuscia (suede?), that appears to be just a bit smaller, and more balanced.

    • I think the Duchess of Cornwall’s hats often give much more impression of wobbliness than they actually have. Quite often it’s very moveable feathers that contribute to the impression. But also, I know from experience that you can have a really large brim, but if it’s not solid (for example the one topping the poll below), then the wind just goes through the brim and it’s quite stable!

    • She looks like a gal with a lota spunk. She always looks so happy and her face shines that’s why she looks so good in hat’s. This hat looks a bit squashed up front but it’s Okay with me because it forms a beautiful halo around her face.

    • Yes. This hat is very nice on Maxima. It is large but she wears large hats well. I like how the brim does not obscure her face.

  2. I always liked this hat. It is dramatic but because it is made of simple material and is a natural straw color it remains elegant.

    • It is rather large for my taste but it is saved by its simplicity. I wish more royal hat designers would learn that less is more.

    • With some imagination, now that you’ve mentioned it… but it depends on how you look at the hat, on these three pictures it works but not on these taken in Singapore, for instance. I still love it!

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