Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, hosted the second summer garden party of the 2013 season at Buckingham Palace today (the first one can be seen here in case you missed it last week). They were joined today by their daughter, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal and their granddaughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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The Queen repeated another Angela Kelly designed pink hat (she seems to have pink on the brain this month, no?!). I am not usually a fan of Angela Kelly’s hats but this one, with a flat crown and mushroom brim which appears to be ‘gathered up’ at the base of the crown, is rather sweet. The Queen unveiled this hat at Ascot last year and I expect we’ll see if another time or two before this summer is over.

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Princess Anne wore a new hat! This one, in turquoise blue, features a ruched flat crown and sweeping upturned brim at the back. The bottom of the up-swept brim is covered in black lace and  holds  a flourish of navy and turquoise feathers. This hat is a complete departure for The Princess Royal and it’s wonderful to see her experiment with fashion. I think I would prefer this hat without the black lace… it’s still hard to tell without a closeup photo.

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This was the first ever Buckingham Palace Garden Party for Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Princess Beatrice wore a dove grey silk beret with large side rose designed by Stephen Jones- a twin of the same hat she has in bright fuchsia pink.

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Princess Eugenie also wore a new hat- the Lily Beret designed by Robyn Coles. I’m not entirely sold on a hat which places a giant calla lily smack on top of one’s head but I suppose if there’s ever an occasion to wear this hat, it’s to a garden party

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Next Tuesday, the British Royal family will attend a Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

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13 thoughts on “Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

  1. The Queen looks lovely and perfectly attired for a garden party. The York princesses have made a good effort with their floral hats but both do not quite measure up.

  2. I want to like the Queen’s hat but it’s a little too much like a scrunched up paper bag! Ah well. She always looks good in pink.

  3. I can’t believe you’re going to have a royal hat designer with their designs for the royals here on the blog! That’s so cool!

    • Rachel Drewer is an award winning British milliner. Just to clarify- she’s going to share some designs for what she would like the main royal women to wear next week, not what they will actually be wearing!

    • I like them a lot too. They are definately flower themed hats without sticking a huge fake flower on the middle of a regular hat (which lots of royals do, BTW). Their both really nice hats.

      • I’m still laughing while typing this. Indeed, it’s the weeing hat. That image is going to drive me barking mad all day today!

      • I don’t at all think they deserve to be called disasters. They may not be what one would choose oneself, but they are certainly fashionable and suitable for young women in their twenties at a garden party. Personally, I think Princess Beatrice’s hat looks very good on her from the front, it just lacks presence from other views. And I like the understated statement, if I can put it like that, of Princess Eugenie’s – dramatic but small.

      • I think Princess Eugenie’s hat is super cute. Youre right it is dramatic but small. She looks great in green.

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