Catching Up With Queen Margrethe

Last Sunday morning, May 26, Queen Margrethe attended Emmauskirken in Frederiksberg to take part in a commemoration service marking the church’s 150th anniversary. For this celebration, she repeated a turquoise hat with a mushroom shaped brim and a smart two-toned blue ribbon around the crown that she has worn numerous times (most recently in early May). I stand by my previous evaluation of this hat as a great one for this queen. I think the colour and brim shape are particularly good on her.

On Wednesday, Queen Margrethe met with representatives from the Arthritis Society for the presentation of the Queen Ingrid Research Prize in Copenhagen. She repeated a textured red straw hat she wore last month for a visit to Haderslav Cathedral and in 2008 for the 350th anniversary of the Royal Danish Life Guards. The crown of this hat is divided diagonally and the left side features the same open weave texture as the brim. I think this makes it a very interesting hat without needing to add feathers, bows, ribbons or other froufrou. The angled brim and with one side slightly upturned also looks great on Margrethe. As I’ve said before, I think the shape, proportion and colour of this hat are all perfect for Margrethe.

Photos from Thomas Lekfeldt & Thomas Arnbo; and The Danish Rheumatism Association via Kongehuset

2 thoughts on “Catching Up With Queen Margrethe

  1. These hats are both excellent. I like how they are bright and stylish without having feathers shooting off the top or large flowers stuck to the side. Very elegant indeed.

  2. Both these hats are real nice. They are very fancy and dressy and the colors are so nice for summer. They look very elegant and its nice to see that queens get some wear out of the nicer hats.

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