Danish Royal Couple Sail on to Fyn

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark continued their summer cruise tour around Denmark yesterday with a stop in Kerteminde, on the island of Fyn. For this one day visit, Margrethe wore a natural straw hat with a wide band around the crown in the same tartan as her pleated skirt and Henrik repeated his adorable yachting cap. By my archives, Margrethe first wore this hat and skirt combination two years ago when she visited the United Nations in New York. It’s a fine hat that I would like much more if it had a solid coloured ribbon around the crown instead of the plaid band (that’s too much matchy-matchy plaid for me). What do you think?

Photos from Michael Bager 

2 thoughts on “Danish Royal Couple Sail on to Fyn

  1. I do agree that a solid ribbon would have been better and that the outfit is rather matchy-matchy… but somehow it works on Margrethe. She can pull off matchy-matchy just as she can pull off that crazy gold flower tiara-hat-head jewelry piece she is so fond of!

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