Duchess of Cornwall Reviews Founder’s Day Parade

The Duchess of Cornwall reviewed the Founder’s Day Parade at the Royal Hospital Chelsea this morning. The Royal Hospital Founder’s Day celebrates the birthday of Charles II and the date of his restoration as King in May 1660. After the Battle of Worcester in 1651, the future Charles II hid in an oak tree to avoid capture by the Parliamentary forces – Founder’s Day is thus also known as Oak Apple Day and Camilla wore a sprig of oak leaf to commemorate this piece of royal history. She also repeated a pale turquoise blue picture hat with upturned brim and spray of dove grey feathers designed by Philip Treacy (worn previously in June 2011,  June 2009, September 2008, and June 2008). Camilla wears these large hats so well and while I would prefer slightly little less feather poof, this is a beautiful hat on her.

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10 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall Reviews Founder’s Day Parade

  1. She is the Belle of Charles’ Ball and that is all that matters.
    Camilla is looking just beautiful today, and certainly has stepped up with increasing confidence. Charles would be lost without her, and I feel Lilibet may be realizing that given the role Philip has played in her life – her rock.
    That shape of coat is so flattering for Camilla, and she has established her signature look.

  2. She’ll never be the belle of the ball but there’s no arguing- Cams is looking great these days. This hat is one of her best.

  3. This is the most becoming and fetching of our dear Duchess’ many glorious hats. The color is sublime, the brim shape is superb. I am in agreement with HatQueen’s assessment that the feather folliage is in slight excess. Perhaps Mr. Treacy was trying to create the effect of a dahlia or spider mum with the configuration of said feathers? 9/10 is awarded this hat

  4. Big hats – big tiaras – she pulls ’em both off really well. She really looks great today – both she and Charles have been super busy this yr.

    • Camilla has faced such criticism over the past decade, and much of it has been cruel jabs at her appearance. She looked absolutely beautiful yesterday and it is nice to see the tide of public opinion changing to recognize her hard work. It seems that the older members of the family really must need to slow their pace and it is wonderful to see Camilla forging her role with confidence despite the difficulties she has faced in the past.

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