Swedish Royal Family Celebrate National Day

The Swedish Royal Family celebrated national holiday celebrations together in Stockholm yesterday.The women wore traditional Swedish costume and it looked like a marvelous day was had by everyone.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neil’s wedding festivities kick off this evening with a black-tie dinner and we’ll see everyone in their glittering wedding finery tomorrow afternoon.  Like the Luxembourg Royal Wedding and the Dutch Inauguration, I’ll  be blogging live and will upload photos as soon as they are available.

Photos from Getty as indicated

3 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Family Celebrate National Day

  1. Wonder why only the women are wearing the tradional folk costumes and the men are dressed in business suits?

  2. I wondered how adorable Estelle would have looked in that headpiece, but then realized they must be traditional for married women only, since Maddie is not wearing one.

  3. I know these are traditional folk hats but I look at them and keep thinking “Flying Nuns!” The family looks so happy. Lovely to see Princess Maddie finding happiness after her last fellow was such a tosser.

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