Swedish Royal Wedding: Danish Royals

 With close relations between the Swedish and Danish Royal Families (the Swedish King and Danish Queen are first cousins), there was predictably large group of Danish Royals in attendance today. Crown Princess Mary wore her most informal tiara, the Midnight Tiara. I was not surprised by this choice but I was not sold on it paired with her formal watermelon pink dress and cape. A cape is about as formal as it gets and I think her ruby tiara would have been a much better compliment to this gown.

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Princess Marie predictably wore her Dagmar Floral Tiara; I say this was predictable tiara choice because it is the only tiara she has ever worn. I’m not complaining, mind you, as this delicate tiara looks great on petite Marie. I thought it was also the perfect match for her equally delicate embroidered pink gown. Lovely all around.

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Princess Benedikte, who is Princess Madeleine’s godmother, wore one of her standard tiaras, Queen Ingrid’s Star and Pearl Tiara (also known as Queen Ingrid’s Star and Spike Tiara). It’s tough to assess from these photos but this tiara is not one of my favourites. Her hairstyle makes it look less spiky but it’s still spikes and stars. I’m not sure there’s much you can do with that.

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9 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: Danish Royals

  1. Here is a more closeup picture of Mary’s tiara. It’s a nice tiara but I agree that it did not go at all with her dress.

    • It’s a much nicer tiara closeup than it looks in most pictures. Kind of modern and very cool. She needed a more modern and clean-lines dress to make it work.

  2. I just don’t like lace over a nude lining. If the dress Mary is wearing had a lighter, but in the same coral colour lining , it would look so different. A Colleen Dinnigan gown – a nod to her Australian roots. Pretty rare. Mary needs another medium diamond tiara to fill the gap between her sad little wedding tiara and the rubies.
    Marie on the other hand looked very pretty, loved the delicate shell pink. This gown reminded me of the first evening gown Kate wore as Duchess of Cornwall.

  3. I really like the old princesses dress. She’s got yellow stars on the skirt to go with the stars in her tiara.

    • The cut of that dress was really lovely. I just wasn’t so hot on the yellow stars. Or were they sunflowers?

    • I really want to like Princess Mary’s dress but I can’t and that dark tiara looks awful with it. I don’t think you can wear that tiara with a brightly colored dress. Marie’s dress was a little too girly pink for me.

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