Swedish Royal Wedding: Greek Royals

 Like the Danish Royal Family, the current Greek Royal family are cousins to the Swedish Royal Family (yes, it’s all a big web of connected families in the older generation of European royals). Therefore, there was a large group of Greek Royals who attended this wedding. Crown Princess Marie-Chantal wore her teenage daughter Maria-Olympia’s Fringe Tiara (see here for further explanation). It’s a tiara Marie-Chantal has worn many times and it looks just great on her (I think that’s because it compliments her oval-shaped face so well). Matched with her very chic dove grey gown today, the look was modern and exceedingly elegant.

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Princess Tatiana wore the Antique Corsage Tiara, the same tiara she wore for her own wedding three years ago.  It is a delicate piece that perfectly complimented her up-swept hair and flowing pale blue organza gown.

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Princess Theodora wore the tiara her older sister Alexia usually wears, a mystery tiara known only as Queen Annemarie’s Diamond Tiara. With an intricate floral motif and interesting, pointed top (almost like a fringe tiara), it’s a great choice that stands up to her disco ball gown.

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7 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: Greek Royals

  1. All three tiaras are beautiful and the perfect size- not too big. They seem like the kind of tiaras that would look good on almost anyone and would go with any color of dress.

  2. Aside from some fit issues on Theodora’s gown this is how royal wedding dressing should be done. Again and again Marie-Chantal is the clear winner.

  3. The first two tiaras (and gowns) are beautiful. The last one looks messy, probably because of her hair. I don’t like that tiara with her dress. A tiara with colored stones would have been better.

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