Swedish Royal Wedding: The Groom’s Family

 Chris O’Neill’s mother, Eva O’Neill, was her characteristic glamorous self today in a dove grey gown and coordinating lace jacket. Her headpiece looked to be made out of the same lace as her jacket and while it was a little avant garde, I thought it was wonderful. When Crown Princess Victoria got married, her mother-in-law Eva Westling looked completely out of place (and WAY out glittered). In contrast, Eva O’Neill really held her own today, don’t you think?

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Two of Chris’ five sisters, Tatjana d’Abo and Countess Natascha von Abensperg und Traun, wore tiaras today. Both tiaras are assumed to be owned by their husband’s families and further details are unknown. I think both tiaras are stunning and very suitable for this lower-key royal wedding. It has also been a LONG time since we saw a royal wedding with tiaras worn in both the bride and groom’s families!

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10 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: The Groom’s Family

  1. Sorry, this is an old post. But it’s so funny to read the comment here. In Sweden she was kind of laughed at. She looked so insanely non-swedish in her style. She stood out, like a sore thumb. She was way to “i wanna look rich” in Swedish standards. To us she looked like plastic and “overdone”.

  2. I think Eva’s headwear is clever. It does have a certain ” oh, is she in a tiara?” look when catching the first glance, “that’s an interesting way to wear one.” Then you realize it’ s a cleverly constructed head piece of the same lace as her jacket, but how it reflects the light is just clever (sorry, same word 3 times). I think she looks elegant and is not lost in the sea of beads and baubles around her. Gee, Chris looks like her.

  3. Well… they are obviously not the Middletons, are they? Something tells me these women will not be capitalizing on their new royal connections with cookery columns.

  4. I like Eva’s choise of headgear. Very interisting thing.
    It reminds me prince Edward&Sofie wedding dress-code. Their wedding was in late afternoon also.

    It is nice compromise between nothing and a tiara.

    • Yes, I like her headpiece too. It kind of looks like a tiara and I just love how the lace matches her dress. She has a very nice figure and looks so elegant.

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