Dutch Royals Take Inauguration Tour to Limburg and Brabant

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands continued their inauguration tour of their country with  visits to Limburg and North Brabant. The photos here show their participation in festivities at Heerlen Pancratius Square in Heerlen earlier today. Máxima wore the same navy straw hat and lace dress that she wore while on a tour of the Dutch Caribbean in October 2011.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

From the front, I like this Fabienne Delvigne designed hat. The picture brim is turned up in the front in a casual wave, showing off the textured straw and it looks casually elegant. From the back, however, I was very surprised (and disappointed) to see how messy this hat looks. Shredded straw hats can look very beautiful (as shown here) but this one looks rather unfinished to me. The huge hat pins Máxima is wearing don’t help, either.

Embed from Getty Images

What do you think of this hat?

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11 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Take Inauguration Tour to Limburg and Brabant

  1. From the front, this hat conveys a wonderful whimsy and informality that this Queen carries so very well. Wonderful, indeed! From the back, however, the abstract use of unfinished straw to embellish the brim is tragic. Quel horreur. 2/10

  2. What’s the fuss? This is a deconstructed straw hat with beautiful frayed edges and wonderful texture. It’s a beautiful hat.

    • I agree with others here who find this hat attractive from the front but not from the back. From the back, there is a wave of unfinnished straw placed on the brim that looks ripped. Seeing this torn part is a little jarring and shocking on a royal hat! Also, the woven circles on the crown part of the hat are very uneven. I think these two factors make this hat look less attractive.

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