Dutch Royals Visit Fryslân and Noord-Holland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands continued their inauguration tour with visits to the provinces of Fryslân and Noord-Holland today. Máxima wore a voluminous, ruched turban made of oyster grey straw- a hat she previously wore during the Chilean president’s visit in 2009.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

This is the third turban or toque hat Máxima has worn in as many weeks (see here and here) and I think this is the least successful of the three.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 25, 2009

What do you think- should Máxima continue this turban and toque trend?

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18 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Visit Fryslân and Noord-Holland

  1. I will be happy to submit the contrary opinion! I really like this hat. I think it is feminine, stylish, perfectly matching the suit and it’s sort of
    “crown-like”. It balances out her body more than the little bitty turban and the one she perched on the back of her head.

  2. i can’t help it – chin up she looks like a female ‘grand-vizier’ from a disney ‘aladdin’-movie. this turban looks like it fell out of a hatter’s window (shop located on the 15th floor) and — PLONG —- landed right on her head,

    i dislike it profoundly.

  3. The vibe I get from this is that it looks like the understructure of one the the late Queen Mother of UK’s standard hats. It appears to be waiting to swathed in printed chiffon, accessorized with giant blooms, and then finished with copiously draped netting. Such a hat could look charming on an eighty something icon.
    The understucture worn alone by a young queen is just silly. Silly.
    Generally, however, I think Maxima’s turbans have been charming aside from this one.

  4. silly hat
    i have to say I don’t like Maxima’s hats. They were quite good and attractive for a princess, but now they are simply out of place 😦

  5. I like the material & the color/coordination with her hair & outfit. I don’t like the hat over all at all however. I never have liked turban style hats – they seem to come around ever decade however – 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s – and gads who can forget Grace of Monaco and QEII wearing a lot of them in the 70’s? QEII had ’em in about 25-30 different fabrics/colors. My mom wore the casual turbans in the back-yard pool to keep her 60’s gotta last all week hair -do protected from getting major splashes. I hate even the Turbie-Towels for after hair washing! So with my huge hate of turbans I am not a good one to offer opinions. When I had cancer and lost my hair I sure never wore a turban or tied scarfs into head turbans! Least on this one it’s light & had a bit of poof unlike the one we saw Princess Beatrice wear a week ago …that purple thing was nasty!

  6. I appreciate that the hat is well coordinated with the outfit. The downside is that the only angle from which it looks good is from the back. From everywhere else it looks very messy. Should she continue the turban trend? Turbans can look very good if they are wrapped tightly and neatly. The art of their appearance is a form of order, not disorder.

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