Duchess of Cambridge Christens Cruise Ship

The Duchess of Cambridge christened the cruise liner “Royal Princess” today in Southampton England. For this engagement (which is widely understood to be one of Kate’s last ones before her upcoming maternity leave), she chose a new hat! It is designed by Lock & Co. and appears to be a custom design (perhaps a take on the similar Salsa hat design). It is another small, percher style hat that Kate favours- this one features a black straw saucer with a stylized bow at the top. While I would love to see Kate break out and try some different hat shapes, this one is really lovely on her. What do you think of this hat? What hat shape would you like to see Kate wear?

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30 thoughts on “Duchess of Cambridge Christens Cruise Ship

  1. I have to admit I do not like these little hats. They look like clown hats! And as some of the other commenters have posted, Kate likes this style and wears it often and is becoming boring and predictable. She looks much better in a wider brimmed hat. Love the hats Princess Diana wore.

  2. Alas, this hat falls short on nearly all fronts. The woven texture creates a mottled grey overall appearance that is rather dull and lifeless. The saucer shape, placed directly on the Duchess’ forehead, creates the impression of a sattelite beacon rather than an attractive accessory. Only 3/10 may be awarded for this hat.

    • I also think this is a beautiful hat. It doesn’t overwhelm her, like you said, and compliments her so well. The small hats really suit her.

    • Amazing how a simple little hat can get the masses up in arms! It’s a nice hat that the Duchess wears well. If she wore the loud, wonky hats that Zara does, we’d all be saying she was too much of a show off. Here she is choosing small hats and we’re saying she’s too boring. Poor girl can’t win.

  3. I forgot to add that I’m so glad that Kate has been wearing her hats with her hair half-up recently – it looks so much better with a hat than ordinary hair down. And the way she has done it the last couple of times with the cross-over at the back is very elegant.

  4. This is a really nice example of what has been Kate’s staple hat shape. I do hope we get something different on Saturday and Monday, though!

    • The smaller hats that Kate often chooses are very flattering on her. Why should she change if she’s found something that works? The Queen hasn’t changed her hairstyle in 65 years and we’re not complaining about that!

    • I agree with you. It seems as though she has worn a version of this same hat too many times, even though it looks nice. The real question is…….was she given a gift for doing this? The Princess Royal once received a tiara – one of her prettiest – for christening a ship.

      • Don’t the royals have to now publish what gifts they receive? Somehow I don’t think there will be any tiaras being gifted today. I think there’d be a lot of criticism if Kate accepted a gift that big.

    • I agree but I think a big hat would have been too much with her black and white coat. The small black hat is perfect and the bow at the back is kinda flirty and cute!

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