Danish Royals Visit Eremitageslottet

Queen Margrethe  and Prince Henrik of Denmark visited Dyrehaven yesterday to see recently completed renovations on the Eremitageslottet (Hermitage Castle). She wore the same royal blue and white hat she wore for her grandson Prince Nikolai’s confirmation in mid-May this year. Today’s visit provides the first close-up view of this hat and I like it even more than I did the first time we saw it! It’s a surprisingly simple design with a very classic shape and restrained embellishment. The highlight of this hat is the two-toned brim that creates the most lovely effect around Margrethe’s face (perhaps a royal blue under-brim would overwhelm her pale features?). I cannot think of many other hats that have two-toned brims like this one and I think it works very well. What do you think?

Photos from Keld Navntoft 

11 thoughts on “Danish Royals Visit Eremitageslottet

  1. For Queens, a simple hat with a traditional brim and rounded top part always works best. This hat works because it is a nice shape.

    • If you told me about a hat that was one color under the brim and another color on top of the brim, I would not think it was going to look very nice. This one however is beautiful!

    • Well that takes the cake. Every time I think I found the nicest hat I ever did see I come back here and look the next day and there is another one! LOL!

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