Dutch King and Queen in Flevoland and Overijssel

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their inauguration tour of Holland today with visits to the provinces of Flevoland and Overijssel. We might as well nickname this tour the “New Queen’s Toque Tour” as Máxima chose another toque hat!  While this is the first time she has worn this hat in Holland, she has worn it previously on an April 2011 visit to Germany, a January 2009 visit to Abu Dhabi and a February 2007 visit to Turkey.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

This hat, designed by Fabienne Delvigne, is made of folded silk in multiple shades of coral, fuchsia and peony pink. I think it is a good proportion for Máxima and the colour on her is vibrant and wonderful.

Embed from Getty Images

What do you think?!

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen in Flevoland and Overijssel

  1. Queen Maxima looks beautiful in pink and it seems to be one of her favorite shades as she wears it much. Queen Maxima looks so happy elegant and stylish today. And her hair is styled again in a very nice way.

    • This is not the kind of hat I would ever choose for myself. On Queen Maxima it is very flattering and looks very beautiful. I can see how the turban style works very well for her. Her hair looks very nice pulled back in a neat bun (and the turban looks nice on top of that) and all the people who want to see her are not obscured by a large hat brim.

      • If you told me that a bright pink turban would be this beautiful I would never believe you. But it is so very, very pretty!

  2. She’s really stepping in up in the hair department – which is great to see. Love how she can rock a turban and make it look youthful.

    • Did you ever think you would use the sentence “love how she can rock a turban and make it look youthful” as a true description of a queen’s hat? I agree but it is rather unexpected.

  3. First of all, she is a very pretty woman and would look great in most any hat.

    The dress fabric is also very pretty and the hat goes perfect with it being many shades of the same hue. Having a strong face she handles the strong colors of hat and dress very well.

    I notice her hair is kind of a wrapped style and taylored and follows the lines of the turban… quite by coincidence?

    Another well dress woman.

  4. I love it. Especially the color. My guess is these turbans are easy to wear without having to mess with your hair a lot. Well, I know from experience they are. They were popular in the late 60’s for a while. Used to wear them to church on Sunday mornings after a late night on Saturday

  5. Not really keen on turbans, but this is a good example. I guess they are practical! I much prefer her more dramatic bigger hats, though.

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