Ascot Day 5

Royal Hats All good things must come to and end and I’m afraid, today marks the final day of Royal Ascot 2013. True to the motto of this blog, we have seen bold, beautiful and truly bizarre hats worn by royals this week. I think that’s why I love Ascot so much- I’m not sure there is another single event that captures the highs and lows of royal millinery as well as Ascot does. While I’m sad to see Ascot end, I’m so happy to again welcome Katie Vale of Katie Vale Designs to share her opinions on this final day Royal Ascot hats. There was really only one royal hat today:

Queen Elizabeth in an Angela Kelly design

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Katie Vale: Love the queens hat today. The soft pale blue with delicate detail matches her dress perfectly. The shape of the crown is different to the rest this week and I like it. Great to see this as the last one; possibly my favourite of hers this week.

Royal Hat Blog: It’s the Wedegewood hat!! After all my complaining about Angela Kelly hats this week, I must admit that I have always loved this hat (Queen Elizabeth first wore it in Ireland in last June). The rolled brim is lovely, the colour is beautiful on the Queen and the delicate lace trim gives just the right amount of embellishment. It is restrained, which makes it work. I usually prefer straw hats but this one, covered in the same silk as her coat, is beautiful.

Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan

Embed from Getty Images

Katie Vale: I can’t really comment I don’t think. She’s got 2 marigolds in her hair. I’m sure they signify something from her national dress, but it means nothing to me!

Royal Hat Blog: As I mentioned yesterday, It is my understanding that persons who attend Ascot in national dress are exempt from the hat rules. From that perspective, it’s understandable she did not choose a big hat to go with her full-length national dress- it simply would not have worked. The yellow roses add a little festive note that works with her dress.

Other notable hats today included: Joanne Foggatt and Martha Ward. It was a rather quiet day all around.

That concludes our Ascot coverage for 2013! I want to extend a gigantic thank-you to Katie Vale for joining us this week. It has been BRILLIANT to have you here with us!

Photos from Paul Gilham via Zimbio and Alan Crowhurst via Zimbio 

13 thoughts on “Ascot Day 5

  1. I love this site. it is wonderful and full of beautiful hats. I visit it everyday. I love the Queen’s hat. It carries an air of regalty with it (to my own eyes) and it is lovely.

  2. I just cannot deal with how copied this and the coat are from Wedgwood china. Love the shape of hat butt my mind goes right to eating of my mom’s same color Wedgwood traditional lace pattern.

    • Thank you Hat Queen and Katie “Veil” 😉 ! What a fun week getting both opinions. You have a lovely website, Ms. Vale.

  3. I dont know if you ever noticed this, but the pattern on the Queens hat was made to look like The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara. Even when she is at a less formal event, she still managed to throw in a tiara for us!

    • Hi again Marge! I think you and I would be real good friends because we think the same things about all these hat’s! LOL! I think this is such a dainty and pretty hat. One of the nicest I ever did see.

  4. Hat Queen and Katie Vale, thank you both so much for a lovely week and wonderful observations. This is just about the perfect ending for the week, HatQueen asked the other day if a new hat was better than dear favorite….and this proves the answer is – BOTH! So fun to ride the new hat rollercoaster all week, finishing with the equivalent of an elegant meal at a favorite restaurant. New hats good, bad, or sideways are always a thrill, but HM is just so lovely in a REALLY GOOD HAT!

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