York Princesses Attend Almost-Royal Wedding

Yesterday, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York attended the high society wedding of Lady Melissa Percy, daughter of the Duke of Northumberland and Thomas van Straubenzee (one of Prince Harry and Prince William’s best friends). Princess Beatrice repeated a small black straw button beret trimmed with large loops, an arrow feather and a huge white silk rose (she previously wore this hat on Christmas Day 2010).

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Princess Eugenie repeated a greige straw beret with flat top trimmed with a folded flying straw knot (she wore it to Peter Phillips’ wedding in 2008).

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Both of these Philip Treacy designed hats were all right on their own but  I found them completely disconnected with outfits they were paired with. After the beautiful hats these two have worn over the past two weeks, I found this throwback to their previous more zany hat style a little disappointing. What do you think of these two signature hats?

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11 thoughts on “York Princesses Attend Almost-Royal Wedding

  1. Some times these girls can look real nice and put together. But most of the time they’re dresses need a good iron and they’re hats look like modern art. I’m sorry to say that but I don’t mean it as a compliment.

  2. I feel sorry for the York Princesses they just never seem to get there ensembles together. something always looks off. They are adventuress when it comes to hats which I like. However In this case they do not go with their outfits.

  3. Hmmmm, I seem out of step but I love Eugenie outfit. That particular shade of teal is very becoming on her and the jacket is young and appropriate. Also, love the hat and clutch. The whole ensemble is great. I think the other hat is a bit small for a long sleeved, high neck dress in that colour. Something didn’t ‘click’ for me.

    • I do like this color on her but it needs some tailoring…if I were the designer I would make her bring the dress in! That hat looks like a clown hat in a circus or a play hat for little girl dress ups. Eugenie is OK but the color is not 2013 summer at all…it looks too old on her. Eugenie’s hat only seems to work ’cause it’s a neutral and seeing other photos, it matched her shoes – she had on a pair of Kate like nude LK Bennette Sledge pumps.

  4. I thought Beatrice looked nice; there was clearly thought put in, in the sense that the black of the hat was picked up in the shoes and the checked clutch. Personally, I think hair up would have worked better, but still, a good outfit. Eugenie’s hat is lovely. It is a neutral colour, so I guess she thought it would do for this jacket and skirt. I don’t think they are too flattering, but I like the colour of them, and I think the concept of the jacket is appropriate to someone in their early twenties.

  5. agreed. Headpieces are amazing on their own. Outfits were both nice. Both got the styling combination all wrong.

  6. Showing their true nature? Ascot was in the presence of Granny, after all, and one must show a little decorum. Beatrice’s hat could be better if the black disk was bigger. The combination of tiny base and oversized flower is absurd. Her dress is truly lovely. It could stand a little more length, but this is exactly the kind of body-skimming frock that Bea, with her slim figure, should wear. Eugenie’s ensemble, on the other hand, is a mess. The hat is OK, but placed poorly, and while it could go with her clutch, the shoes (from photos on different sites) are a different color than anything else she’s wearing. The seams on her skirt are puckered and she seems to have forgotten the directive that Royal ladies are to wear stockings. Two more “nice tries, but….” for me.

    I am hoping you will cover the Luxembourg National Day. There is some fodder for hat comments!

  7. Both hats are Philip Treacy.
    I really like Bea’s whole look, but its a little boring. She could have used a bigger hat or at least something with a little bit more going on. As for Eugenie…there is nothing here that I like. The hat doesnt work with the color of her outfit or the design of the jacket.

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