Dutch Royals Visit Denmark

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark welcomed King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands for lunch at Fredensborg Palace today. While it was not a formal state visit, it was special enough for both Queens to unveil new hats! Queen Margrethe wore this pale blue straw picture hat with an upturned brim and side spray of pink blossoms. I liked the textured, open weave of the brim and thought that the upturned brim looked great on her (it saves the hat from making her look bald, which most hats do on dear Margrethe). I think I would have liked the side leaves on his hat to be less spiky but that’s just splitting hairs. I thought she looked great in this hat.

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Queen Máxima wore a new headpiece of pale aqua feathers. From the front, it creates the same face-framing effect that her recent army of toques. From the side, it’s a large headband… a large headband that does not match her dress. I love the colour of the feathers but I don’t love them with this lace dress. To me, the whole look is not cohesive.

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26 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Visit Denmark

  1. I think Queen Margrethe’s hat coordinates nicely with the rest of her outfit. With the bright pink and floral, it looks pretty and summery. Max on the other hand……………..This is the first overall look she has worn in a while that I felt was a dud. I hated those headband hats in the 50’s, and I hate them now. I usually love the lace dresses, but…….again with that shade of dull teal? It’s not an attractive color and it looks more appropriate for winter than summer, but I fear it’s a trend. Princess Tessy wore it over the weekend, and I think Princess Eugenie has worn it twice in recent weeks.

    • I find it interesting that teal is not summery, but black and grey, worn constantly in all walks of life is never commented on. I am not a fan of the teal colour on Max, Stephanie, Catherine or any other wearer I mean no disrespect, I’m just making an observation, and interested in reading others’ observations on the constant wearing of black.

    • Yes, Queen Margret’s hat is just a beaut! I relaly like them flowers on the side and the lacy part of the brim. It’s real pretty on her.

  2. In pic. 2 of Max the lace reflects the light, particularly across her shoulders. I wonder if we saw the outfit in motion a different opinion might be formed, as the feathers certainly are a colour match then. I am really enjoying these pretty feathered head pieces ( see Serena at Ascot ), and think Max’s luncheon outfit is both feminine and pretty. Love her shoes.
    Daisy’s hat on the other hand, introduces a new colour into the outfit and for me is a mismatch. Had it been lavender it would have worked. Daisy’s teeth may be a mix of naturally being more yellow-colored coupled with tobacco stains. Like her thinning hair she is stuck with it. Let’ get over it!

    • Queen Margrethe looks bald in many hats not because of her thinning hair, but because of the shape of the hat (the crown covering her entire head down to her ears). That’s one of the reasons I like this hat so much- the shape of the brim shows a little bit of her hair on each side of her face. Most of her hats don’t do this.

    • There’s no beating around the bush- this Queen got hit by the ugly stick. She’s never going to be as pretty as some of the other queens but she works hard, dresses nice and she looks real stylish. I think I’d rather have a Queen that was hard working and nice than one who was only beautiful. Queen Margaret looks like she’d be a lot of fun to have around as a friend.

  3. Well put – poor Margrethe with her thinning hair problem – I would have moved to wigs or at least hair pieces by now…and yes, this hat helps her look a lot. Agree Max’s feather’s don’t work well with the dress – but a nice look for indoor headgear – just needed teal in it vs aqua.

  4. I quite like Maxima’s getup–the hat works when seen with the full outfit because it matches her shoes and gloves, creating a cohesive look.

    • I think you all may be right. The fascinator does coordinate well with the gloves and shoes, creating a much more cohesive look. I’m still not sure about the combination of lace and feathers… I think if the dress had not been lace, the feathered fascinator would have worked a lot better! There is something about the square neckline of that dress that looks odd to me.

  5. I quite like the combination of her fascinator and the dress.The dress looks like a darker turquoise. She is also wearing some light turquoise shoes that match the colour of the fascinator.

  6. Maxima’s turbans have grown on me a lot. They are more like a combination of pillbox hat an turban (true turbans entirely cover the hair). I’m just surprised that everyone likes this fascinator today. It’s fine on its own but the color does not match well with her dress.

    • I agree. I’m not a big fan of turbans but she does look lovely in some of them, i liked the one that she wore with the green dress. I especially love Maxima’s big hats, they are so cute on her!

    • I agree! Maxima has been looking so elegant, royal and polished recently. She really looks like a young, beautiful queen.

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