Dutch Royal Couple Commemorate the End of Slavery

As today is the 150th anniversary since the abolition of slavery in the Dutch colonies, King Willem-Alexander and  Queen Máxima of the Netherlands attended a special National Slavery Memorial Service in Amsterdam. For this event, Máxima repeated one of most striking (and one of my most favourite) hats. Designed by Fabienne Delvigne, this natural straw cap is embellished with straw curling tails and a large cream silk garden rose. Today was the third time Máxima has worn this hat (she wore it in Germany in April 2011 and to a military parade in The Hague in May 2009) and I was very excited to see it again. I love it because it is the perfect balance of elegance with creative craziness (if it were a bright colour I don’t think it would work nearly as well). What do you think of this unusual hat?

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10 thoughts on “Dutch Royal Couple Commemorate the End of Slavery

  1. Definitely looks better from the left hand side than the right this one. But like the quirkiness

  2. Love it. A good cover for a bad hair day too, better than the turbans.
    Not thinking that shaped top is very flattering though, without a super-flat tummy. Total look is elegant.

  3. I absolutely ADORE this hat! Miles different from anything we’ve seen in a traditional vein; just makes you stop and go WOW!
    Agree that the pearls are a bit large, but overall, the outfit’s a stunner!

  4. Far as hats go, my all-time faves on Max are her huge picture/flying saucer ones.Frankly, I’m liking MOST of the turbans, too, if ONLY to mix things up just a wee tiny bit and not lock herself into a special trademark style (like Princess Beatrix’s soup bowls!). I actually liked the feathered headband she wore when she met with QM2 and PH. It kind of reminded me of Mary’s hat/headband that she’s worn for the christenings of all her children. I wish it would’ve been just a bit darker in color, but otherwise, I liked it a lot as a change and something different.

    Far as thist goes, I could’ve EASILY lived without the Dutch devil horns on the back. Those kind of ran it into the wall at 100 mph, to me.

    Otherwise, I thought she looked pretty great!

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