Princess Anne Attends ‘Not Forgotten’ Garden Party

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, attended the “Not Forgotten Association Garden Party” for injured former servicemen and women at Buckingham Palace today. She wore a turquoise blue straw hat  with a small brim trimmed with three straw calla lilies.  I want to like this hat but something about the size and proportion of the crown looks off to me. What do you think?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 22, 2006

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Princess Anne Attends ‘Not Forgotten’ Garden Party

  1. I have liked Anne’s hats so much more lately than the ones she has chosen in the past, that I am willing to overlook tiny errors in proportion. Anne has been known to keep and re-wear her clothes for decades. That frugality may be because she gets no funds from the Civil List (? Does she?) or simply that she would rather spend the money she does have on her horses rather than clothes. Certainly one of the hardest working and most unsung of the royals.

    • I don’t believe Anne is on the civil list; she instead gets an allowance directly from The Queen (someone please correct me if I am wrong about this!).

  2. Well she’s bought a new hat for that hideous coat at least! I know she wore it for Viscount linley’s wedding in 1993… Plus Prince Charles’ wedding in 2005. And I think it’s even olde than that!

    Look; Anne has found a new hat style; it’s a bit mother of the bride, but considering most horrors – it’s just about workable. Lets give it a pass eh?!

  3. I agree about the proportions being “off”. I think it is a hat that would be lovely if more delicate – It just seems clumsy because there is too much material there. Princess Anne is neat and trim and looks good in a hat that matches her smaller features.

  4. Hmmm. Missed this one the first time out. HatQueen is right on target, there is something not working here. To me, not so much the shape or brim, as the totality of monochrome and materials. If the flowers were either in different shades of straw, or same shade but different material, it might go a long way to solving the issues. Perhaps rearranging/adjusting the decorations as well. The Princess Royal continues to get HUGE points for trying hard and getting SO CLOSE recently!

  5. Looks ‘off’ in the close up but a tad better in the other shot. Might have been better on QEII with her puff of side hair to fill it out for more balance.

  6. I agree with you. I think the brim needs to be wider to accommodate the height of the crown. It is refreshing to see Anne in such a vibrant turquoise, and she wears tailored clothes well with her slim figure.

  7. Yes, the height of the crown definitely gives it a Mad Hatterish look, but I love the idea of it, with the lilies. In the close up, the colour doesn’t seem an exact match to the coat, although better in the further away photo, so I guess it’s probably more the colour reproduction in the photography that makes it look different.

  8. Think brim needs to be wider then it would have shades of a Camilla hat.lovely colour and like the lilies but proportions wrong. Still good for Anne though!!

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