Birthday of Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja of Norway  (née Sonja Haraldsen) celebrates her 76th birthday today. Before marrying into the Norwegian Royal Family, Sonja trained as a dressmaker and tailor- an interesting skill to bring into royal life, don’t you think? One of my favourite of Sonja’s hats is this oyster coloured wool hat with wide, waved brim she wore in April 2010 for the opening of the Oslo Cathedral. The beautifully shaped brim saves this from being a boring beige hat and the sense of movement it creates is visually stunning. After a while, a lot of royal hats begin to look the same but this one really stands out for me.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Birthday of Queen Sonja

    • It is very creative and artistic but still looks very flattering on Sonja. I had no idea she was a dressmaker!

  1. It sure is! I think this hat wouldn’t look as nice if it wasn’t put together with this beautiful pink suit jacket. THe whole outfit goes together so nicely.

  2. Love this hat and the whole outfit on her. I am a big Son fan anyway though. She seems very warm and caring in a genuine way.

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