The Queen Visits the Royal Regiment of Scotland

Queen Elizabeth visited Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh today to present a Pipe Banner to the Royal Regiment of Scotland. For this occasion, she unveiled a new hat and coat in the most royal shade of blue. The hat, which looks  to be the work of Angela Kelly, features a flat crown and a flat brim (the very same shape as this Angela Kelly hat) trimmed in decorative silver braid. While I appreciate Ms. Kelly showed a little restraint on this particular design, it feels rather flat and one dimensional to me. I just don’t think the shape of this hat is beautiful enough to sing on its own (unlike the hat worn by Queen Sonja I posted earlier today). I might, however, be developing unfair prejudice against Ms. Kelly’s hat designs so I turn to you, dear readers, and ask what you think of this hat?

Designer:  Angela Kelly 

Photos from Associated Press 

15 thoughts on “The Queen Visits the Royal Regiment of Scotland

  1. I think this is the same hat shape she wore to Fortnum and Mason with Camilla and Kate. I hated it then, and hate it now – in all its colors. It looks like a generic hat form that hasn’t been shaped yet.

    • Good observation. I think Angela Kelly has used this generic hat form for a number of hats. You’ve inspired me to write a post about this for next week!

  2. This is a real elegant hat. I think you do not give Mrs. Kelly the designer the credit she deserves. She makes very nice hats.

    • I don’t think all of Mrs. Kelly’s hats are very flattering (as others have said here, some look like bad craft projects). This one is very clean and elegant. It looks very flattering and elegant on the Queen.

    • I agree. The color of this one is very nice and I like how the trim on the hat matches the trim on her coat.

  3. The bottom photograph is stunning! Lilibet, from my understanding, likes her hats to be designed so that her face is visible for all those her turn out to see her in her public appearances. It also is why she chooses outstanding colours. That said, I would be happy if she wore any designer than the pedestrian Angela Kelly. I was looking back at the apricot “parachute ” gown from the Jubilee today, one word, horrid.
    But Lilibet isn’t going to change, so I’ll just have to get over it. I did think she was looking a bit frail in the video I saw today of her at Dreghorn Barracks.

  4. It’s a standard this one. She’s actually got it on several colours: grey, pale blue, yellow. I don’t mind it, but it’s not a special number. Of the fab hats she’s worn this week, this is the least lovely (though not terrible…) Adraid I share your views on Angela Kelly’s design abilities too….

    • I also am on the same page about Angela Kelly’s designs. Seeing them here against other designers (especially Rachel Morgan) they just don’t stand up.

    • It’s simple- Angela Kelly is a bad designer. Rachel Trevor Morgan is a good designer. This is not rocket science people!

      • I have trouble considering Angela Kelly a designer at all. There is no “design” in most of her work. Sad but true.

  5. I love the queen. She dresses appropriately for her Queenship. However, her hats, for whatever reason, are very conservative. Perhaps Elizabeth wants them that way. I can’t ever see her wear anything like Beatrix of the Neatherlands or even anything like Camilla wears or Sophie wears. Elizabeth’s hats are really all the same. Nothing drastically different. Just change the color (occasionally) put on a few flowers or a feather or two maybe some greenery and that’s it. Perhaps some decoration like the Wedgewood hat or this hat with the small silver trim. Nothing too dramatic. I don’t know what we would think if she came walking out with something large like Camilla’s beiges or Sofie’s wavy brims.

    • The Queen’s hats are meant to be practical and elegant. This hat is both these things. I think you should stop criticising Angela Kelly.

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